Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Vyshgorod, topographic survey for design

Promotion! Complex geodetic and geological services at a cost of 5000 UAH !

the Main advantages parcel to Council area:

  • the thickness of clean sand from 5 to 20 meters, is suitable as a building material, has excellent load-bearing and kerosine properties;
  • ground water from 6 meters, which gives the opportunity to build basements, underground Parking;
  • ground water in the sand is suitable for irrigation;
  • a large number of reservoirs for walks and  rest
  • coniferous forest, odor, aesthetic value
  • comfortable geograficheskie position, 20 km from Kiev, 30 minutes and you're in the center of the capital;
  • fresh sliced sections, which allows a centimeter to define their boundaries surveyors;
  • the presence of underlying networks and communications such as gas, water, Sewerage, developed network of networks, which makes it possible to display the location to the points of connection of utility networks topographic survey on a scale of 1:500 for designing and rendering materials.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Vyshgorod, topographic survey for design

the List of villages where we conducted geologically uzyskania and geodesy: Lebedevka, Lower Dubechnya, Novoselki, khotyanovka, New petrovcy, powder puff, Old petrovcy, Lutes, Dimer, Kozarovichi, Iasnogorodski Lowest Dubena and Higher Dubena, and cat and many others.

so, if you bought plot Vyshgorod district Kievka area, or decided to build a house you need a full range of geological engineering, surveying and land management activities consists of:

  • removal of boundaries in Vyshgorod, we use satellite GPS, working from the base station KMST (Kyiv), which is located at the distance of 20 kilometers, using dual topcon haiper sr last model accuracy of 1-2 cm.  high pine forests significantly complicates this process, we when the signal is lost in the thickets use a total station for more accurate removal of land boundaries to 0.5-1 cm, which our company has no significant effect on the total cost of the works.
  • when boundaries were defined, we must proceed to the next stage - topographic survey for design. Shooting subject is absolutely all objects, the most important of them : the road and access roads (very important elevation), the lines, the nearest TA post for powering the house and the entire plot line of the gas pipeline, water supply, drainage, elevation changes on the site for landscaping, if there is water, then measured the elevation of the water's edge and distance to the river;
  • because 80% sites in Sweden is located in a pine forest, then boarding house with minimal loss of precious trees need to perform geodetic poderino survey, and price cutting starts from 2000 UAH per tree;
  • when the construction site was determined, select the drilling of exploratory wells, surveying instrument by privativum them on the site plan and leveling-defined elevation of wellheads for building engineering-geological sections;
  • want to warn, to ensure that coniferous forests in Sweden mostly artificial. In this regard, even neighboring wells at a distance of 10 meters may have different lithological column, the composition and quality of the soil, very often artificial embankments and layers of rocks left by the builders when planting these forests far in the 50-ies and 60-ies, the inclusion of anthropogenic strange  rocks but sand can give a nasty surprise when developing a pit blind without Geology of the site.
  • based on the current conditions select drilling equipment and manufacture drilling engineering-geological boreholes and sampling and rock samples for laboratory investigations, gather water samples for chemical analysis the soil samples and soil.
  • produce a set of laboratory tests such as compression, grain size distribution, humidity, broadcloth, flexibility, absorbency, etc.
  • is a technical report on geotechnical investigations at the site, these data 100% sufficient for calculation of Foundation and understanding of all quality indicators of soil;
  • carry out the project home or the cottage, and then make the spot up and geodetic axis of the building on the ground.
  • when the pit was dug out, call us and we will check the amount of excavation work and spent materials, and also check all of the geometry of buildings and konstruktsii.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Vyshgorod

Call to order, will help you to calculate the cost. We guarantee the lowest price on geodesy and Geology in Vyshgorod.

List of settlements, which has the ability to produce full engineering geological and geodetic survey: Lebedevka, Lower Dubechnya, Novoselki, The khotyanovka, New petrovcy, powder puff, Old petrovcy, Lutes, Dimer, Kozarovichi, Iasnogorodski Lowest Dubena and Higher Dubena, Demidov, Kozarovichi, Responsibility, Rukuni, Bruises, Litvinovka, Terazosin, gavrilovka, Lubyanka, Borodyanka, Gostomel, Klavdievo-Tarasovo, Bucha, Irpin, Kotsyubinsky, Gorenka, Mason, Asesino, Cellars, Brovary, Sesime, Rozivka, Spears, Pinovo, Voropaev, Zukin, Botanici, Avid, Kozelets, bobrovich, Krichev, Entrances, Spears, Great Dymerka, Oster, Kozelets. Borodyansky district, Ivankiv district, Brovary district, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district Council district also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

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