Geodesy and Geology in the Yellow Waters. The removal of boundaries, topographic survey for design

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Guild Engineering leads active in industrial Krivoy Rog region, separately wanted to mention Yellow Water and the surrounding villages, namely Peter, Novoivanovka, Sukha Balka, Peaceful, Poltava-Bogolubovo, Mirolyubovka, Lana, Osipovka, artemovka rivers, Green, Radgona, Culture, Novoivanovka, Chervona Polyana, Sauro, Zaporozhets, piatykhatky, dawn of Communism, Proudstar, Ivashkovka, Semenovka, Zaporozhets, Free, Stone, Novoivanovka, Chervona Polyana, Peter, Vladimirovka, Demarino-Varvarovka, Galina Lozovatka, Saksagan, Sauvca, Chumakov, Gomel, Chervone, Zavialova, Kalinin, the village of marjevka, Gomel, Makorty, Ordo-Vasilevka, Vladimirovka, South, Annot-Nikolaevka, Pershe Travnya , Aleksandrovka, Krynychky, Sergeevka, Mary Dmitrovka, Kodak, Field Stone, Chervony Yar, Chervone Field, Miloradovich, Fraternal, Zaporizhzhya, Katerinovka, Novomyloradivka, Kirovka, Lyubimovka, Morck, Adamovka, Dawn, Threads, Kudasheva, Pervozvanny, Dry Farm, Chapaevka, Threads, Baltuska, Nadia, Salewatch, Shops, Kudasheva, Pokrovka, Novomyloradivka, Katerinovka, Grushevka, Chervone, Lenin, Fertile Field, Tarasovka, Chernigovka, Novodaryevka, Nasarudin, Meadow, Granite, Promin, Long, Akimovka, Natalovka, Novenario, Neperemozhne, Osipenko, Tilled, Voykova, Alexandropol, Annovka, Chervone, Iskreva, Cabanova, Dawn, Petrovo, Alexander The Village Of Marjevka, Osipovka, Petrovo, Ivanovka, Krasnopolye, Lugano, Carbonconstrained, Hlavacka, Lozovatka, Nadezhdovka, Novopol, Wide, Novoivanovka, Miner, Ordzhonikidze, Sofiyivka, Novopetrovka, Dniprovska, Red, Chervonyi Pods, Zlatoustovka, Suvorovka , Trudovoe, Novogrigorovka, The Village Of Marjevka, Pavlovka, Zhovtneve, Nowowiejska, Trudolyubovka Novopodolskiy, Novovasylivka, Garden, Ukrainian, Petropavlovka, Yellow, New Kovna, Tarnawatka, Petrovo, Alekseevka, Nazarovka, Neperemozhne, Vladimirovka, Loshkareva, Sorochino, Shelter, The Village Of Marjevka, Zhovtneve, Pavlovka, Novanova, Bazarova, Okulovka, Gruzskoe, Hlavacka, Avant-Garde, Miner, Ternoway Kut, Nadezhdovka, Golden Meadow, Novomeysky, Zlatopol. In all these towns and villages there is a need for geodesy and Geology. In each plot, you can make carrying out of the boundaries of vnature as before buying so when replacing the fence. If you decided to build himself a house in Yellow Waters, is to start from the engineering-geological and engineering-geodesic surveys and works, namely the removal of the boundaries of vnature, topographic survey for design and layout of the house, engineering Geology, drilling exploration wells at 6-8 meters from the selection of samples for further laboratory studies. It is this complex of geodetic, geological and cadastral works, you'll clarify what Foundation to salivate in the Foundation of the house, cottage, is it possible to build a basement, the maximum height of a building where the area of the ergonomic positioning of the building, which earthworks are coming, what is the situation with land land use, cadastral whether the room is a fence and whether the area of the site,   generally advisable to begin construction in these conditions. Verhnedneprovsk district, Krivoy Rog district, Sofia district, Krinichanskii district, Petrikovsky district, St. Macarius area.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries in the Yellow Waters, topographic survey for design

so, where to start

You have chosen a plot of land for purchase, ideally, that he had inventory number and all documents, preferably in the absence of buildings, so as better to start with a clean slate. If documents no no, then welcome to an interesting quest called privatization of land (that is a separate topic for debate).

Send us cadastral number on the email so we can check where it is located on geodetic coordinates, whether he's in the inventory at all, then begins field surveying stage. Having arrived at this site surveyors will carry out the procedure removal of the boundaries of naturo. With the help of modern satellite GPS receiver Japanese topcon will determine the coordinates of the points of the boundaries on the ground. The accuracy will be a few centimeters, will remind you of the admission on the Yellow waters of the 30 see Each turning point will be fixed boundary sign (from the wooden peg to a concrete post, it all depends on the wishes of the customer, in some cases, we even installed a fence turnkey). If working conditions do not allow to apply satellite system, we find the exit in the use of electronic total station, data instrument network in General millimeter precision.

so, with boundaries defined, you now need to identify which will be the main building tentatively, there will need to pay special attention to Geology! In spot up drill 2-3 wells 6-8 meters for soil sampling and determining the quality and composition of the rocks.

Parallel conduct surveys the scale of 1:500 for the further design of buildings, structures, points of connection to the engineering networks, gas, water, electrical, sewage, etc. as this copy is suitable for RES, gas workers, water-to-let house in operation. In the future of topographic mapping 1:500, you can do a topographical survey, scale 1:2000, for the interested bodies.

Then when geodesy and Geology of the site completed, soil samples were laboratory studies, we provide engineering-geological report about geological survey. Having on hand a report of any designer can design as  the Foundation and landscaping, with all the original data.

When the project is ready to proceed to the removal of vnature again, this time we will make and lay out building axis for builders, foremen. Can also mark the spot of the building and secure the construction of the marker.

Then you need to make geodetic control building.

On the final stage performed the final surveys.

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