Geodesy and Geology, removal of boundaries Hellkite, topographic survey for design

Attention share, best price,  full range of engineering site surveys as part of geodesy, Geology, takeaway the boundaries of the site on Dragons and Nova Vodolaga area, Shevchenkivsky city area, Pervomaisky district, Balakleya district, Chuguev district, Pervomaisky district   Kharkiv region  for the price of 5000 UAH. !!!

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Hellkite, topographic survey for design

Our specialists carry out the following work on geodesy and Geology of the site on human settlements near dragons:  Chemuzhovka, Levkova, Lyrically, Butovo, Sidiki, Cheremushnoe, Kanlica, Resort, Ukrainian,  Suburban, Zanki, Omelchenko, Zadonecke, haidary, Genieve, Sheludkovo, Scripa, Wood, Painted, estuary, Komsomol, Donets, Andreevka ,Chervonyi Donets, Cherkasy Biskin, Zhovtneve ,Prishib, Jaworski, Upper Biskin, Jellies, Shebelinka, Pereyaslavka, stove, Novotroitskoye, Smcy, Beresti, Aseeva, Uspenskoe,  Jellies, Alekseevka, may day, Maslovka, Grushina, Karachentsev, High, Red, Chervone, Znamena, Dmitrovka, Semenovka, Baraka, New, Bolshevik, Novobratskoe, Klimanova, Kacee, Great Gomolka, Taranovka, Rabugino, Bespalova, Zhdanovka, Dukovka, Kneznou, Orlovka, Borki, pershotravnevyi, Milowka, Wodehouse, Chemuzhovka, Artiukhovka, Sokolovo, Deep Valley, Borock Second, Borki, Orlovka, Revelers, Moskovka, Lypkovativka, New Merefa, Debethune, Krynychky, New Vodolaga, olkhovatka ,Krynychky ,t, Utkovka, Breeding, Top Serena, lower Serana, Merefa, Yakovlevka, Aleksandrovka, Aksakovo, Ostroverkhova, Pogorelov, Kolesniki, Timnenki, Mirgorod, Konstantinovka, the Goose meadow, upland, Sawicki,  Vasudeva, Ternovka, Krasnaya Polyana, Shubina, Kirsanova, Marowka, Lizogubovka, Ternovaya, Vodenka, Butovo, Sidiki, Cheremushnoe, Stara Pokrovka, Forest, Esher, Scripa, Chuguev, Stone Aruga, Klugie-Maskirovka, Kochetok, Robin, The Pechenegs, The Swan, Bazalievka, Vasilenkovo, Getmanova, Otradnoe, Chkalovskaya, Kudoyarova, Tatianovka, Horozhanivka, Great Farm, Arcadevga, Ivanovka, Novostepanovka, Shevchenkove, Transkei, Rayouka, Arcadevga, Ivanovka, Cherry Liqueur, Smolova, Novostepanovka, Towns Novonikolaevsk, Staroverova, Smorodkovka.

In the age of satellite technology and computer  application no area of Ukraine, and  industry, wherever it took at least one service company Engineering Guild, for example removal of boundaries of the site, surveying, Geology and geodesy section. So, what would the service was not provided and whoever of our specialists, it was not carried out, it must end with the issuance of the relevant document confirming the holding of these works. Is no exception and vipers with its adjacent areas.

These two areas are inextricably linked with such a complex process as land development and construction. Therefore, the documents here need large quantity. Moreover, based on the characteristics of these industries, all materials and documents compiled by carrying out similar procedures are divided into two types - map and text. The first require special training, and computer programs for making the right end of the document.

Geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Hellkite

the Result of geological work is the report. It is compiled according to the results of field work - drilling, and laboratory analysis, testing and research. On the basis of the results obtained after the analysis of ground water samples, the resulting information shall be documented in the final report and you can start to design the Foundation of the future building on the basis of technical specifications and geological conditions. Geological report includes a computing part which details all the analyses and their results. In addition, this document will contain the recommendation part, where specialists engaged in geological research, provides practical advice on work in this area in view of its underground nature. Listening to these tips, you can build a house or some other way to dispose of the land. If it is a house, its Foundation and key components should be erected only with the written results geological survey.

Each geodesic procedure also has its documentary evidence. For example, the cadastral survey becomes plat. Topographic survey also does not pass for nothing. What is more, it is designed to serve as a basis for developing a future project. Correctly performed topographic survey leads to the correct construction project. The results translate into a topographic map, which will transfer all the distinctive features of this area in detail. In addition to the map part can be made a report, passing, again, features of the land, communication networks and highways, as well as every object, even the smallest. Be it a small plot of 10 acres, to which you want to bring electricity, for which you want to carry out the procedure copies the scale of 1:2000 with situational plan scale 1:500 and a 300-metre radius at the point of connection, or the design of the cable length 30 km between neighboring villages, we are always happy to cooperate.

Removal of boundaries in nature - this is a procedure which is necessary for a folder with documents collected to conduct land operations. Therefore, the result of the removal of boundaries is an Act of carrying out of the boundaries of the site, planted with a certificate as a document on the work done. Without it you cannot move on. To confirm the coordinates of the plot should begin all of your future land development and installation of the fence, or the negotiation of the boundaries of the land use with the neighbors.

With our company, the Guild of Engineering, working, including, and in Zmiev of Kharkiv region, you will have all the necessary documents and materials in the most rapid time and prepared they will be to accurately, efficiently and completely in line with reality, designed to help you,  your designers and others.

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