Geodesy and Geology, removal of boundaries Zolochiv

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Settlement. Zolochiv (Kharkiv region) is an ancient city which is located in the Kharkiv region, located on the left Bank of the UDA river. It is quite small, so it is not such a wide selection of companies to provide certain services. In particular, it concerns and surveying companies. The local firm values are not engaged in full-service and do not practice the complexity, it would be very difficult for the residents of the city making the necessary planning documents and engineering survey geological and geodetic character for construction and rekonstruktsii. Geology Zolochiv is the main direction, geodesy Zolochiv - is as a supplementary service to the geological survey for the quality postroeniya engineering-geological sections.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Zolochiv, Kharkiv oblast, topographic survey for design

But now Zolochiv there is a branch company of the Engineering Guild, which is one of the largest in its field.

So what we have accomplished in the following villages and settlements Zolochiv, UDA, Kazachya Lopan, Zubovka, Prudence, of Ivashka, Aleksandrovka, Litovka, Odnoralov, raznoe, Bizimana, Britanica, Zubovka, Pisarevka, steppe, Hay, Ulyanovka, Bogodukhov, Regimental Nikitovka, Waders, skovorodinovka village, Great Rogozenko, Peremoga, Zhovtneve, Latino, Armless, Russian Lozovaya, Dergachi, Cherkaska Lozova, Malaya Danilovka, Peresecina, Solonitsevka, Lyubotin, Way, Kavagi, New Merchyk, Station, Aleksandrovka, Hroudova Nikitovka, Peaceful, Dublyanka, Alekseevka, visokopolye, Perekop, Shelestov, elm, Slobodka, Parhomivka Sun, Osnovyntsi, Gorodnia, Pervouchine, Old Merchyk, Rat, Maksimovka, bitter, gotowka, Great passages, Deep, Lipsy, Russian Tees, Zircona, Fun, Strelitzia. Bosski district, Brody district, Pustomyty district, peremyshlanska district, Kamianka - Buska district, Zolochiv district also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

high-Quality and efficient services are now available not only in regional centers, but also in small towns. Expanding its geography, Engineering Guild allows more people to use the services of a reliable, honest assistant land issues.

Surveying in our execution will be performed as quickly as possible. We don't just perform geodetic preparation of the land plot, but followed the entire construction process. Thus, we can control everything that happens on the Playground, to detect all errors and inconsistencies, correct them promptly in order to achieve extremely accurate results. The main method when the support construction is Executive survey. It is conducted throughout the process to monitor the accuracy and completes all the steps in order on the basis of its data to make the correct documents for commissioning new buildings.

Not only Executive survey so actively we use, and topographic. It is necessary at the initial stage of all construction work site. Removing not only the surface, but all surface and subsurface objects, you can get the most complete picture about this site and all its components.

special mention removal of boundaries in Zolochiv. For fulfillment of this service at a low price (1000 USD). geodetic companies need to combine 3 parameter - modern GPS receiver, the ability to roborate RTK - the ability to get the coordinates from the satellites online, have access to the coordinates of the stations, so as often to make the boundaries of the area on the ground a little to have the coordinates of only the 1st section, it is necessary to recheck the entire neighborhood, left, right, front, behind, to anyone who has not climbed and real fences coincided and state acts and documents on the ground.

geodesy, Geology, removal of boundaries Zolochiv

Removal of boundaries in Zolochiv - this is a mandatory procedure for the design of various land use documents, in particular cadastral. Using simple procedures around the perimeter of the site exhibited boundary markings, which are the result of the removal of demarcation.

in Addition to surveying the areas we work in the direction of the geological. This integrated approach helps to avoid unnecessary costs. For example, knowing that the area that you want to buy, is unfavorable geological indicators, you are not going to pursue it further surveying or clarification of the boundaries. That is, you simply will refuse to purchase and get a new one. In that case, if you do decide to buy, we will discuss with you the best option of designing on the basis of the received information.

This multidisciplinary approach allows our company to not spend unnecessary time searching  and the involvement of the different companies, each competent in their field. Do not spend the extra money to pay for the services of each, and immediately  quickly and accurately obtain all the data and documents.  

When boundaries are established on the ground, proceed with the next step before the research project is topographic survey in Zolochiv. Topographic survey on a scale of 1:500 your designers will be able to design connections to all networks, to place all the buildings on the site, to calculate the quantity of materials and the area of lawns and paths, earthwork volume, to determine the zeros of the buildings, the mark of gender, the opportunity to build basements, cellars, to determine the groundwater levels.

At the end of the construction we perform the final surveys to enter a new building.

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