Surveying, topographic survey, removal of boundaries, the Geology of the land in Zolotonosha

Super Action in Zolotonosha from our company: topographical survey of land in the town of Zolotonosha + removal boundaries of vnature + engineering Geology section + geodesy. Hurry only until the end of June!

Geodesy in Zolotonosha and Geology in Zolotonosha are the two main directions of our activity. In addition, we perform a number of other related works, for example, land management and privatization. However, it geodesy and Geology are two of the most large and successful areas that we practice. Our activities cover a number of areas and many cities as a major regional centres and small towns and villages. For example, we started our work and offer a full range of services in the town of Zolotonosha, Cherkasy oblast. Everyone who turns in our company will be able to get multiple geodetic and geological work, as well as the removal of parcel boundaries in the nature of the terrain and the fixing of boundaries.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Surveying, topographical mapping, removal of boundaries, Geology of the land in Zolotonosha

In particular, in geological direction we will analysis of the composition of the soil at any site, and any territory. Depending on the scope and purpose of the investigated land we defined the direction of work - or will it be standard procedure for drilling three wells in different areas of the site for investigation of land for the construction of a private house, or will it be a wide-ranging procedure with the mobile laboratory to conduct tests on the spot. Yes, with our company it is possible. If you are planning to build a large object, or the ground is the problem area, then this is the place to learn and some samples in the laboratory will not be enough. Therefore, we conduct additional analyses, sensing, resistance testing and other procedures. And reports that make up our results and on the basis of the obtained results are accurate and meaningful, and in addition to the actual data contain detailed comments and recommendations on the use of land or the choice of the type of construction.

Wide and geodesic sphere of our activity.

  • We are working with the land division, set clear borders and are consolidating their land-marks. This is done by drawing boundaries in nature. This procedure is absolutely necessary, for without it, or rather without the Act of borders in nature you do not fill in none of entitlement and will not make any transaction with this territory.
  • We help in the drafting of future structures by surveying to explore its scale, terrain, features, and all existing facilities, including communication networks and green spaces. Such accurate and detailed shooting lets you create a map, where you will be able to develop the most suitable and safe project.
  • We followed the entire construction process, from axial split pit and making axes future construction and finishing of the final Executive survey, which will serve as the official document for the process of commissioning of the object.
  • We have a number of work at production sites - leveling surfaces, markshejdersko and other surveying.

This is not a complete list of all services that we provide. This is only the main directions of our work. If you have any surveying or geological survey your land or object, regardless of its destination, please contact us, we will fulfill your order.

I want to note that when ordering Geology of the site drilling and technical report in Zolotonosha, the removal of borders receive restricted price from 800 UAH for the entire area, and topographical survey at zero cost, total for the whole complex engineering geological and geodetic survey will cost 6000 UAH.

Also, the promotion is valid for the following locations Korobova, Kadina mountain, Chapaevka, Hwylio-Sorochin, Alder, Dibrovka, Komarovka, Domanovo, Money, nettle, Krutki, Carbonoxygen, Scorodite, Legality, Zhovtnevyi Promin, Kahovka, Voronica, Zagorodniy, Erkilet, Great Kanevce, Krutki, Chernobay, Malyavka, Krupskoi, Savkova, Bogusevic, Makeevka, Antipova, Novaya Dmitrovka, Michalovce, Kovtun, Senkovci, Grabovci, Kanushina, friendly, Kavraiskii Farm, Cowry Second, Elenovka, Skorikova, Razumovskiy, Great farm,  Paulowina, Drabov, Bezborodko, Levchenkov, Bespalko, Zhernoklev, Nejiki, Bogdan, Coasters, Malinovskiy, Brovarky, Kovtunova, Shkodunivka, Komarovka, Chapaevka, Vasyutina, Moskalenko, Timnenki, Clemency, Zhovnyne, Veremeenko, Zhovtneve, Lenin, Mikhaylovka, Lasovka, Novoukrainka, Great Burimka, Funny Hem, Lukashevka, Small Burimka, Krestitelevo, Funny farm, Bakaeva, New Life, Bogoduhovka, Golovatovka, Kryvonosivka, Soviet, Lemberger, ascension, Dnieper. Kanevsky area, Chernobilsky district, Cherkasy region, Drabiv district, Chigirin district, Zolotoniski district also are the regions where we provide services for geodesy.

Because in these areas about Zolotonosha mining and geological conditions and geodetic studies of the area are approximately equal, then the value of surveying and Geologyand removal of boundaries of the site naturo will be the same price from 6000 UAH. for all surveys for construction!

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