Geodesy and Geology for the Elevator

the Company offers geodesy and Geology for construction and renovation of elevators, topographic survey, scale 1:500, 1:1000, removal of boundaries of the site, monitoring of displacements and deformations, the breakdown of construction axes, monitoring drawdown barrels and tanks, geodetic monitoring of the Elevator, Geology for construction Elevator, surveying for construction Elevator, monitor the drawdown of the Elevator, geodetic monitoring of the Elevator.

Ukraine - a country famous for its fertile black soil, which grow well in various cereals. However, the quality and numerous harvest is not always stored in appropriate conditions. Many elevators not conform to the standards and require reconstruction activities. Therefore, the construction of new silos is relevant and mandatory, especially for those companies who want to have maximum profit from the sale of their grain. So in the end, to get really good results, the process of construction must be left to chance. First and foremost, to focus on geological and geodetic survey.  

Geodesy and Geology for Elevator

Before proceeding to the process of construction of grain storage structures, it is necessary to calculate the possibilities Elevator, develop a budget, collect all permits and be sure to spend geodetic surveys and geological analyses.

Guild Engineering for a long time works in this direction. We have more than a dozen major orders for integrated research and separate procedures. Our clients include companies from different regions of Ukraine. In Mirgorod for company "CENTER for BUSINESS" we did a topographical survey of the site, laid the geodetic basis and conducted geological analysis in Vradievka on CIAO "vradievskiy Elevator" were drilling carried out a survey on the Elevator in Meliorative tested the boundaries of the area, in Yagotin at LLC "NIVA UKRAINE" was performed by the geological survey. We also worked in the port Elevator Kherson, LLC "Krolevets Elevator" in Sumy oblast, LLC "Radivilivsky the Elevator" in Rivne oblast, LLC "RODARMOR" in Vinnytsia region.

At the construction of grain elevators there are several geological and surveying procedures. Of geodesy is the first topographic survey of the area, which will be constructed a new object or reconstructed old, removal of boundaries of the site or the application of it on the survey plan. Received full details about the plot are in General topographic map used in the design.

Cost of specialist from 1 900 UAH for the object

surveying for construction Elevator should be as detailed as possible and to meet all the requirements of the technical instructions. You may also need to carry out the removal of the boundaries of the site or their confirmation in order to determine the coordinates and boundaries of the territory.

in Addition, surveyors are authorized to conduct the breakdown of the construction axes, to produce geodetic monitoring of the foundations of the Elevator, barrels, granaries. This procedure is just the beginning of the construction process. It involves the identification of key points on the ground, which correspond to the axes laid down in the project.

And in the process of launching a ready-made structure and functioning of surveyors exercise control over the deformation processes in order in time to identify them without serious damage to the structure. But in order to reduce the number of shifts and deformations, before designing you want to spend and geological analysis. He is drilling to a certain depth, where does the soil for laboratory research, it is Geology for construction Elevator.

Competent engineering approach to the construction of the elevators will help to keep your crops and provide good storage. Monitor the drawdown of the Elevator tool will give an understanding of the need for additional measures on strengthening of the foundations.  Geodetic monitoring of the Elevator performs high-precision geodetic instruments, passed metrological verification by the special techniques and the technical instructions.

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