Geodesy and Geology for waste water treatment plants

Why geodesy and Geology for sewage treatment plants

The smooth systematic operation of urban sewage treatment plants is an important factor in the normal life of the city. If it's a sewage works, the disruption of their work threatens big fines. Therefore, great attention is paid surveys for construction and reconstruction of treatment facilities.

Geodesy and Geology for sewage treatment plants

Treatment facilities of complete biological purification is a complex of buildings. This receiving chamber, pumping plant equipment, building gratings, sand traps, primary sedimentation tanks, sludge thickener, aeration tanks, secondary clarifiers, a disinfection unit. To accommodate them should be the area corresponding to the area with suitable topography, geological structure and hydrogeological conditions.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey by price 7 900 UAH

Surveys for construction of sewage treatment plants: rationale and procedure

For the construction of sewage treatment plants perform a complex geodetic and geological surveys. Geodetic surveying consist in the removal of boundaries, carrying out surveying and topographical plan of the takeaway points of geological works.

Platform sewage treatment plants must have a slope to the river, where the drain of purified water, as water movement is by gravity. In the design of treatment facilities considered placing them in plan and in height. To make a topographic plan of the site location of septic tanks is performed topographic survey of the area in large scale. A separate part of the sewage treatment plants come in a particular order relative to each other, given the terrain.

To perform geological surveys suitable plan of scale 1:500. Drilling must be performed with the purpose of studying the geological section and hydrogeology. For design requires knowledge of the position of the groundwater level. The groundwater level may affect the choice of the type of sump (e.g., vertical sumps can only be applied at low ground water level).

Geological surveys must answer the question whether it is possible to design structures on a natural basis, or to the device of artificial bases. The decision depends on what data will be obtained as a result of geological research. If geological work shows that the section consists of sandy soils with high rates of filtration, and the groundwater at great depth, the buildings will be built on the natural basis. The occurrence of the groundwater level at depths less than five feet and presence in the context of dense soils with low coefficients of filtration will serve as the factors which organize artificial basis.

The necessary data for the design are information on the pond, which will produce purified water. The maximum water level in the reservoir is necessary to select sites that will not be flooded. The design discharge of purified waste waters requires knowledge of the minimum water level in the river.

Who performs surveys for the reconstruction of treatment facilities and for the construction of new

Qualified specialists of the company “Guild Engineering” carried out geodetic and geological surveys for the construction of new treatment facilities and reconstruction of existing. Even at the time of design include the possibility of expansion. For the compilation of the reconstruction project must be relevant topographic materials and data on Geology.

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