Geodesy and Geology for plants

2014 popularity of such a specification for plants and thermal power plants, TEC, CHP, CHP:

definition of geodetic geodetic coordinates of the centre(centroid), to develop supporting materials for obtaining permission to pollutants in the atmosphere, the emission source inventory and setup by the government on the protection of atmospheric air in the system WGS-24 with the issuance of the technical report. These works can be performed only by specialized geodetic companies that have a license and a special permit for activities,  related to state secret, with the possibility of processing the data collected satellite imagery. At the moment we are looking for opportunities to provide such services. And often order geodetic monitoring of industrial facilities quarries, mining, TES, TES, CHP, CHP, warehouses, platforms.

power plant is one of the main sources of heat. It was an ambitious design with a combination of various systems and mechanisms. And only the correct operation of each part will provide an enabling system in General. In order that the operation of such a complex and important object is carried out safely and correctly at all stages of the commissioning of the need to accompany the work of TPP geological and geodetic procedures.

power plant is a strategic object. Therefore, for any, even the smallest processes need to be responsibly and to entrust this work to qualified professionals who have declared themselves as professionals. Our company Guild Engineering performed geological and geodetic surveys at several major thermal power plants of Ukraine. This confidence scale strategic interest and positive feedback from them on completion of the work is in our favor - the quality of our services. We performed a number of works on Zaporozhye, Kiev, Kremenchug, Zelenodolsk, Dobrotvorskaya thermal power plants. And Pridneprovskaya TPP our cooperation has become a regular - each quarter we calculate there the remains of the coal in the warehouses.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey by price 7 900 UAH

Geodesy and Geology for power plants, the calculation of volumes of raw materials

If we talk about the objects, such as TES, TES, CHP, CHP, then the bulk of the work falls on the geodesic region. However, to do without Geology will not be released. Naturally, TPP - long object, which build is not so simple. Therefore, the construction work it can not go. But can run reconstruction or any other processes, for example, building new transmission lines or other communications. Before doing this work, it is necessary to perform drilling and to take samples for analysis. However, this is the main feature of such objects. Not everywhere has the opportunity to apply rigs, and the process can be carried out manually. In addition, the Geology of the need to minimize deformation processes and structures.

Surveying is evident in the number of procedures inherent in industrial facilities. For example, relevant and popular work is calculation of volumes of raw materials in warehouses TES. This is performed using special apparatus for scanning and computer calculation programs. Regular calculations will allow management to have a true picture of the state reserves and plan their next steps in this direction.

Important process is control roll tubes. Stability and correct the vertical position of these elements, TES, TES, CHP, CHP not only provides a stable work station, but also safety. To perform this procedure using surveying equipment, including total stations. You need to choose an observation point. Moreover, the observation of the roll should be held regularly, even if this roll is not visible from the outside. Geological changes can significantly affect the stability of the structure.

These and other geological and geodetic procedures will help to ensure accurate, safe and uninterrupted operation of such an important object as thermal power plant.

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