Geodesy and Geology for cell towers and mobile operatorsg

Guild Engineering works closely with leading mobile operators in providing them quality geodesy, Geology, surveying, removal of borders, engineering surveys for construction  new mobile towers, check the verticality of the towers, MTS, life, Surveys for construction of the tower mobile life, MTS, Kyivstar, Ukrtelecom, Geology for construction of towers, surveying the communication tower, check the verticality of tower communications, surveys for mobile towers. As well as conduct a comprehensive geodetic measurements of existing towers tower type, engineering surveys for reconstruction and pereoborudovanie of the towers.

Today, the company is simply impossible to imagine without mobile phones. Such a communication device is for everyone, and probably not one. And the students of Junior classes, and the elderly carry it in your pocket. If several years ago, the relationship of some mobile operators left much to be desired, but today is national companies try to cover the maximum area. To install new communication towers. These seemingly simple structures require careful geological and geodetic procedures.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey by price 7 900 UAH

Geodesy and Geology for communication towers and mobile operators

Geological survey for new towers for mobile communications is very important, because thanks to them you can make the design as stable as possible. Because sustainability is a major indicator of the quality of this building. Conducting the drilling of wells for sampling, and performing laboratory analyses of these samples, you can get information about the type of soil and its composition. In addition, you should conduct a hydrological study to obtain information on groundwater. The set of data provides an opportunity to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the terrain on which you plan to install the tower. Based on the soil type and other characteristics, selected base and its size.

in Addition to Geology pay attention to and geodetic survey. In particular, to carry out surveys. It is necessary for the development of the project, without which the installation of mobile towers not do. Topographic survey is performed using digital and electronic equipment at a certain scale. The scale is chosen individually in each case. The survey captures the terrain, relief bends and drops, adjacent objects and possible communication lines passing through this area under the earth or above it.

When installing mobile towers mandatory procedure is to check for vertical. A similar process applies not only to mobile towers and other tall structures such as smokestacks, antennas, lighting facilities. Naturally, each of these elements should be placed vertically. A certain percentage of the roll tower is valid, but it is minimal. Because excess can lead to dangerous consequences in the form fall of all design. For the correct vertical position responsible surveyors. They use special equipment. Moreover, check the verticality should be carried out not only when installing the tower, but also periodically during its operation.

Guild Engineering performed geodetic and geological surveys for such national mobile communications companies as MTS and life. We work with the erection of new tower structures, and perform according to the customer periodically checking the verticality. We have to do with professional equipment and have the relevant experience. With our help, mobile communications will be available in all parts of the country.

Geology under construction towers communication is closely connected with topographical survey for tower connection, so as to plan accurately applied to the mouth of exploratory wells, their elevation to further build engineering-geological sections.

Check the verticality of the towers connection include a measurement of the deflection of the rope - marks, and the definition of the rolls towers, comparing the actual parameters with valid, preparation of technical report on geodetic observations.

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