Geodesy and Geology in the factories, and the calculation of volumes of raw materials in warehouses

 Guild Engineering offers services in the field of geodesy and Geology at factories and factory areas, such as topographic survey of industrial sites, as well as geodetic surveying and levelling rail, counting volumes of raw materials, annual testing equipment, surveying the reconciliation process equipment, verification of geometrical parameters of cranes, conveyors, steel structures, monitoring deformations of buildings, engineering-geodesic surveys, geological-engineering survey, tonnage survey of existing facilities and structures

Factory is a major industrial facility. Its scale depends on the specifics and activities. This may be a metallurgical or engineering giant, and maybe a small textile factory. In any case, the work of such enterprises should be based on the principles of security, as the production and employees. Therefore, as on the stage of building constructions companies, and in the course of its activity the necessary control on the part of engineers-surveyors.

the key to good and safe working in the factory are timely treatments geological and geodesic character. The only way to avoid emergency and hazardous situations associated with the condition of structures and premises. For this you need to carefully explore the area before the construction of production facilities, as well as to monitor their condition during operation.

If you contact the Engineering Guild, you will make the right choice. We provide services geological and geodetic orientation in different cities of the country, and work with industrial facilities is one of the main directions of our activity. You will understand as soon as you see the list of our clients with whom we have successfully collaborated and keep in touch still. We'll call our main customers are enterprises of Metinvest group, Ilyich iron and steel works (Mariupol), Krivorozhstal (Krivoy Rog), npov Dnepropetrovsk, MOH, Interpipe steel, Aluminum plant (Zaporizhia), Myrhorod mineral water factory, Knitting factory (Orel), Accumulator plant (Dnepropetrovsk), letichevskiy feed mill and other objects.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

At the stage of laying the Foundation necessary to conduct a thorough geological and geodetic procedures. Especially because without them it is impossible to obtain any building permits. Geology will allow proper design objects in order to avoid their destruction. For this you need to drill wells for collection of soil samples and examine them, to spend should and hydrological analysis. In addition, it is necessary to perform field testing on the building site, especially if the object is assumed to scale. All results are documented in the reporting form. The correctness of the results is very important for the development of a precise project.

Geodesy and Geology in plants

surveying and other geodetic procedures in conjunction with the Geology allows one to create the most optimal, accurate and safe project manufacturing enterprises. However, the greatest amount surveying work is done when the plant is actively functioning. Then to various kinds of shooting joining and leveling work, which will help you calculate the available excess in areas rails, crane rails, floor, and promptly resolve them. In addition, it is possible to perform the calculation procedure of the amounts of raw materials, to control the operation of certain equipment, particularly cranes, conveyors, and also to study the condition of the buildings and their possible deformations. Geodesic shooting rail frequency 1 every 12 months.

The geodetic surveying in factories and industrial enterprises will allow to monitor and to detect deviation of the process equipment that may cause damage and stop the whole production. Therefore, geodetic research should be trusted only to professionals who understand the importance of their work.

All these works, each individually and collectively provide a safe and harmonious activity of all production.

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