Geodesy and Geology in the construction of cult buildings, constructions

Geodesy and Geology during the construction of the Church, the chapel may vary. The erection of the Church by mounting a metal frame, followed by betonirovannaa  will require special geodetic approach. Theodolite, total station surveying may be required during installation, stowage frames, installation of panels, laying reinforced concrete.

Geodesy and Geology during the construction of the Church

Geological survey is a mandatory component in the construction of the Church. Geological investigations in this case are in the following sequence:

  • analysis of all available documentary, cartographic materials;
  • travel experts on the area;
  • implementation of geological research;
  • office;
  • preparation of reports, plan maps and profiles.

Geodetic, geological work required for the construction of the Church is very similar to building structure. Be necessary first to conduct geological studies for laying the Foundation, and then through surveying as-built survey to verify compliance with design and actual data. Of course, surveying for the construction of the Church has certain features – rounded and very high walls. Because of such characteristics of geodesy and Geology during the construction of the Church must be carried out very accurately. Because of the rounded walls using high-precision total station can play a crucial role in building the best solution.

Geodesy and Geology during the building of religious buildings structures

Executive geodetic survey monitors compliance with not only the location of individual structures of the object, but also its quality, type. The use of blocks instead of bricks can result in deformation, fracture walls.

the Overall process is quite time-consuming due to the use of all-welded of the forming frame and its subsequent concreting. Properly selected method of surveying will relieve the customer of the service from unnecessary waste of time and money on construction work. In addition the timely conduct of survey operations will help to simplify the overall process. In the Church are costly stones, metals for the frescoes. Geodetic survey significantly reduces, simplifies, and accelerates the process of forming mosaics, frescoes, different architectural designs of the Church.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy in the construction of the chapel

Every chapel should have, will be carried out geological surveys and geodetic works. the Geology and geodesy in the construction of the chapel may vary depending on the size of the object. Geological studies for the chapel area of 1-3 square meters may not be required. For a large object after a detailed study of the soil, the location may need to change the project in Foundation design, wall material.

there are different Chapels: with Foundation or without it, both large and small. Only in any case there is a need for a survey to save you time, funds, compliance with legal parts. Prior to the construction of the facility will need at least to legitimize the plot. Then you may need Executive geodetic survey of the chapel.

Engineering surveys in the construction of sculptures

Engineering research needed for a complete picture of the Geology of the site, parameters, strength of soil, groundwater properties. Timely engineering survey for the construction of the sculpture will provide stability, durability, no deformation, cracks on the sculpture. Engineering surveys for the construction of the sculpture, as well as in the construction of churches or chapels is impossible without a pre-prepared project. In the course of research we study the soil, groundwater, prepared a report for further analysis of the sculpture by the architect.

Engineering research is an important, mandatory component of the construction of places of worship that make it possible to anticipate deformation. Surveys are conducted after a detailed analysis, mapping, textual information, and sometimes after topographic survey.

company "Guild Engineering" is responsible for the implementation of geodetic surveys, geological studies, construction of religious buildings. The customer of this service can not worry about deadlines, quality of work. The management of the company monitors the qualitative survey, geological surveys, at all stages of the work.

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