Geodesy and Geology in the construction of trading-entertaining and hotel complexes

Hotel complexes and shopping centers is the concentration of joy, fun, relaxation. These objects definitely in almost every city and constantly building new, especially when it comes to resort towns or major regional centers.

Geodesy and Geology in the construction of trading-entertaining and hotel complexes

Building trading-entertaining and hotel complexes – highly responsible and complex process. These characteristics endowed with any building project. However, these differ in their scope and purpose. Hotel and shopping malls are typically large scale. This is one or multiple buildings occupying a large area. By constructing such objects, it is necessary to consider communication systems, and driveways, and Parking areas, and recreation areas, and layout of the buildings themselves. Complicated all large areas and buildings with several floors, especially with regard to hotel complexes.

the construction of such large objects should involve only the best contractors, and engineering companies. After all, which must be done geodesy and Geology during the construction of hotel complexes and shopping centers. Every day these places are attended by many people. Therefore, such objects should be completely safe, strong and reliable. Their design should be given special attention. And the development of the project impossible if not done Geology in the construction of shopping malls and geodetic survey.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology in the construction of hotel complexes, and the SEC is not a whim of the customer, but a requirement. Survey, which will give complete information about soil characteristics of the site should be considered when designing. We are talking about large-scale designs and are often several floors high. And you need to be absolutely sure that the soil in this territory is able to withstand such large loads. Perfect location on the terrain and type of soil there is very little. Usually, there are some flaws and cons that must be considered during construction. They need to identify at the preliminary stage. This need Geology in the construction of shopping malls. Taking into account the results, the engineers can develop recommendations on the type of Foundation, waterproofing, building materials and other important nuances. In some cases, the construction of such large complexes cannot be a speech after receiving the results of the survey.  

Geodesy in the construction of shopping malls is performed in parallel with Geology at the preliminary stage. Topographic survey data give a complete picture of the ground condition of the site. On this information, and developing the project. Special attention is paid to  the location of communication lines. For such large-scale projects developed the necessary network of drainage, water, lighting and heating. of Surveying with construction of hotel complexes not the end of the pre-project stage. It accompanies the process until the entry into operation of the structure. Engineers make a breakdown of the Foundation and the whole building, carry the project to the site, control of compliance of the built elements of the project through Executive surveys.

Run Geology and geodesy of such large objects should only engineering firm that has a lot of experience and resolution. So trust the fate of their future complex better our team, which will help to make it attractive and safe.

Hotel “GoodZone”, the company “Logo the Sports” “Baron Razgulyaeff”, TC “Caravan”, TC “Babylon” - the objects for which we had been providing geological and geodetic services.

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