Survey and not only

Geodesy and not only

Surveying – the ancient science of studying and measurements of the earth's crust. Geodesy is developing along with humanity. Without of an object such as geodesy, and even Geology, and construction. Experienced specialist in the surveying will take on the area project of the future building, will be the work plan will calculate how much material for the construction of a country house or a multistory building. Any surveying work You will help to protect our company company "Guild Engineering".

Surveying necessary for such purposes:

  1. designing a residential house.
  2. Calculation of material for the construction of a house.
  3. preparation of a master plan.
  4. the elevation of the site.
  5. creating a schema for land development.
  6. Assessing future possibilities of the plot.
  7. Registration permits before entering the house in operation.
  8. Drilling.
  9. Conducting cadastral work.
  10. Front hydraulic works.
  11. Before building the city.
  12. road Construction.
  13. dredging of the river.

Prior to the preparation of the project relies on the site to do surveys, you need to show the changes of geological features on the map and in the report.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object


Surveying the ennoblement of plot

to put in order the large plot is troublesome. From the conducted survey follow-up depends on type of refined territory. After the survey will be known about the terrain, the availability of all buildings on the site. Under the landscaping section, means the following:

  • the fixing of boundaries on the ground;
  • restoration of residential buildings;
  • coverage of asphalt roads;
  • sidewalks
  • putting in order of underground and surface communications;
  • sazhaniye flowers, shrubs and trees.

In geodetic work on beautification of the site includes analysis of soil, division of land into zones, and zones in the device of flower beds, walkways and arbors.

Help surveying for the drilling of wells

to drill a well, install surveying and not only, and the geological survey is of great importance. Surveys can be held in large, medium, small scale and detailed (mega) survey. What scale to assign geodetic survey depends on the following factors:

  • plot size
  • geological study of the area;
  • type of the future building on the site.

Associated with drilling geodetic calculations are needed to preserve in the archives all the information about each well. After you carry out geological and geodetic works well geologists received this information:

  • the composition of soils and their properties;
  • geological sections;
  • surveys
  • vicoprofen topographic plan;
  • methods of execution of works under the project;
  • statement of wells;
  • the exact binding of each well on the ground.

Geodesy for carrying out works on land inventory

the Land registry is a document that gives a description of the land. Without geodesy land cadastre is indispensable. For cadastre in surveying include:

  • surveys
  • introduction area boundaries of all the plots.

For cadastre and geodetic works are carried out to know where it begins and where it ends alleged plot, and to avoid quarrels with the purchase or sale of the site. The above surveying work needed, if changed land use.

Geodesy in road construction

geodesy, and Geology and another in paving roads. Flat road, which will last a long time, and without great expense, cannot be built without surveyors and surveying. Before you start to build a road, are appointed and geodetic survey, from which we learn:

  • terrain for us of the area;
  • properties of soil
  • based on the survey will receive a topographic map;
  • experienced surveyors will calculate by selecting the most suitable road.

Based on surveying work, experts will create a model of the road in a 3 dimensional way. This model will help in paving the road to determine where we need to further strengthen the road.

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