Geodesy cartography and land management

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Issues related to land, require an integrated approach. This particularly applies to their study. In the study of surfaces, one way or another depending on the goals and needs of the owner of the site, may be involved in such activities as geodesy, cartography or land management. They all have the same object of study, however, various means and ways. Thus, all three of these areas are closely intertwined and combined with each other, complementing each other.

geodesy cartography and land management

Cartography is a science that studies and transmits the location and characteristics of the earth's surface. It is in the plane of the given science are developed and executed maps and other graphic materials. With their help you can display all the features that were identified during the study. At the current stage of the map can not draw manually, and use special computer programs.  This approach greatly facilitates the work of specialists, speeds up the process and makes the result more accurate and better. Also in cartography plays a significant role zoom and choosing the right scale.

Cartography is directly connected with surveying. The results of the geodetic survey of a territory form the basis of any card scheme, plan - graphic material is the final result. It is worth saying that in the preparation of maps may not necessarily be used fresh territory data obtained specifically for the development of this document. In some cases, to make a map without leaving the office, having sufficient information about the required territory. Geodesy cartography and land management as an activity of our company is very connected.

Cost of specialist from 1 900 UAH for the object

Surveying, in turn, it is a great science that studies the Earth, its surface and features. In the composition of geodesy includes a number of topics aimed at one or another research segment. Using each of the directions can be complete and objective picture of the earth's surface as a whole or about individual interest areas. Engineering geodesy is one of these areas. She stands out among all the others, as decides not always extensive, abstract tasks, and specific issues associated with satisfaction engineering needs.

Land is intended to regulate any land issues and relationships. Thanks to the land and each area has its own established and documented border, and actions for the allotment of land ownership are governed by specific procedures and order. In order spatial issues were resolved quickly and efficiently created special bodies.

surveying, cartography, agriculture the company is engaged in the Engineering Guild. Our specialists provide a full range of surveying any difficulties develop with the use of progressive programs cartographic materials, and carry out procedures related to land administration (cadastral surveying, removal of boundaries, etc.). This approach allows the client not to rush from one to other specialists, and to contact us and obtain an overall result.

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