Geodesy Kiev

Geodesy Kiev includes a wide range of activities. To start, perhaps, is with land management activities. City dwellers buy land, allocated the site for the construction of multi-storey buildings. In the first phase of development of these lands is performed the boundary and topographic survey of the site. Then come the geologists and doing soil testing. The designers will create the project and to build a house or building. For the design of various documentation required in the copies, diagrams, drawing red lines on the plans. All these graphic documents are made surveyors.

Geodesy Kiev

For construction Kiev geodesy performs a breakdown of excavation and Foundation. To calculate the amount of excavation work and to organize the coordinated work of people involving excavators and trucks, used method of determining volume of geometric figures. Construction of multi-storey buildings accompanied by the axes, the removal design level and manufacturing Executive surveys. When the house is built, conduct a radiological survey to the people who will live in it, felt good.

Geodesy Kiev performs a large number of works that improve the comfort of existence of the inhabitants of the city. So people didn't pay a lot of money for utilities, while homes were warmer surveyors perform talaiotic buildings. On the screen of the imager visible part of the building with different temperature. Teplohode possible to discover heat loss and to work to eliminate thermal leaks. Teplostantsii is for residential houses, public buildings, schools and buildings.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Teplohode doing and before reconstruction. Carried out and technical survey of the building. Conduct study on the state of load-bearing structures and communications. Instrumental measurements do, if there are signs of damage, reducing the strength of the whole structure or its separate parts. The results of this survey constitute a reconstruction project.

Geodesy Kiev helps to preserve old buildings, many of which are historical and architectural monuments. In the conditions of densely dissected gullies and ravines of the plateau, with complex hydrogeological conditions and developed landslide processes and phenomena at many sites, the construction of the subway and buildings, amend the terms, which were the foundations of old buildings. To monitor the condition of these buildings and their foundations, establish deformation and sedimentary marks and monitor their position by geodetic methods.

Shoot the facade of surveying Kiev offers how to calculate insulation or cladding materials and for the reconstruction of ancient monuments. Only instruments used for these surveys is different. Footage of the facade with simple geometric forms to calculate the materials make the total station, and survey of the facade of the old make of laser scanner.

to facilitate the city administration's decision making, surveying Kiev has been compiling and updating maps of different scale. The presence of these cards improves the operation of many city services.

the industry is also accompanied by measurements using levels, theodolites, total stations, lasers, satellite systems. For processing the measurements, build the necessary graphic materials are different computer programs.

All kinds of work surveying firm performs Kiev LLC ”Guild Engineering”, in the state which employs engineers, surveyors, land surveyors, cartographers and engineers of the Desk group.

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