Geodesy, surveying work in the quarries of

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Quarry is a mining production. This way you can develop deposits of stone, marble, coal, sand, clay and other minerals. These objects belong to the category of production and are characterized by higher level of danger. Therefore, surveying they have a specific direction and must be careful.

surveying quarries refers to the special work requiring special geodetic and surveying skills and special GPS equipment and reflectorless total stations.

a prerequisite for carrying out any of the geological survey of such objects is that they should lead companies and individuals with special permissions. In addition, for a start, should be developed and approved by a clear project, which highlights all the necessary processes. One of the main parameters of each exploration well is its coordinates in well-fixed coordinate system (for example SC 63). As from the moment of exploration before development of minerals may take decades, or intelligence may be several, and they took place in different coordinate systems, and information about the minerals stored in the primary sources (mines geological boreholes), to determine the position of the ore body to the surface will need these coordinates, and necessarily, summarized in a single system. Based on the design position of the ore body in the fixed coordinate system is the design plans of mining operations, project mining lease for the removal of topsoil, overburden and mining respectively. Photography career is in the same coordinate system.

Cost of specialist from 1 900 UAH for the object

One of the directions for the study of career options is surveying. Surveying work just represent an area dedicated to research places where mining. Career and mine - the main objects for surveyors. In this area the main service is surveying the shooting, which gives the opportunity to conduct a series of computational procedures. These procedures give full information about the state of production, its volumes. It is the calculation of volumes  is the main geodesic process at work in a career and an important point, because by using this procedure you can find out how many stocks of produced material still remained. For the customer this information is essential in planning future activities, especially when the contracts with customers.

Another key point is the create the reference geodetic networks and points on the examined object. The essence of the procedure is to consolidate a well-defined points on the terrain, which will serve as guidelines when performing surveying and other surveying procedures. Points marked with special signs. Geodetic network can be multi-level, and in some cases creating them requires the use of a GPS system.

Geodesy, surveying operations at the quarry, surveying, creation of geodetic networks

in Addition, surveying and geodesy at quarries allows you to define the parameters of the production as a whole and its boundaries, to identify vulnerable and dangerous areas that should be strengthened, as well as to control the deformation processes at the site that may affect the stability of structures. Thus, engineers are provided and security.

Guild Engineering has all the appropriate permits for activities in open pits and other similar objects. Our clients are major mining companies from different regions of Ukraine: Znamenskoye pit in the Kirovograd region, quarry Granite village, Zhytomyr oblast, LLC "Dnepropetrovsk" Vinnytsia region, Vibrater Mykolayiv region and even the company of "Ukrzaliznytsya". On some sites, we calculated the volumes of raw materials, on the other spent shooting career, on the third created the basic geodetic network, surveying surveying career. Many of our clients are regular. For example, the above mentioned career TOV GEOTOP every month we perform measurements, fotos career. This trust is based on the quality of our services and our expertise in this field. Shooting details career will give an understanding of where in the intervening period was conducted mining operations and how they correspond to the project.

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