Geodesy Odessa

in order geodetic surveys were conducted correctly and properly, you need to understand that they are, in some cases, are carried out and cooperate with experienced professionals who successfully fulfill  your work. the Geodesy Odessa in our time is quite often. This is due to the fact that the construction of new engineering structures are made within the city limits, that is, next to already existing buildings. It is a little complicated, because every new building substantially violates the existing balance between the natural environment and existing objects. This is why geodetic and geological works are conducted by officers of the company LLC "Guild Engineering" parallel.

Geodesy Odessa

However, it is worth saying that the geodetic surveys are carried out not only before construction, but after it has started. Geodesy Odessa represents the spatial coordinates of different objects, preparation of typical documentation, etc. Obtained data are typically used in many different ways. Consider the most common options.

first, is surveying Odessa. This type of research involves the breakdown of the geodesic network on the site, carrying out the shooting process on location and off-site data processing. Our employees quickly carry out this type of research because it has tried and tested and repeatedly tested methods. Topographic survey implemented to ensure that the surveyors had the opportunity to be surveying the area plan. This document is required when you create a project and estimate documentation. Also it will come in handy when connecting various structures to the  communication systems.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

secondly, it Executive survey. This type of research is carried out during the construction, repair and installation facilities. With the help of this survey can reveal all inconsistencies and errors and eliminate them. If You do not have this capability, it is necessary to make some adjustments in the project, in accordance with the new conditions. As-built survey is performed after the completion of one stage and is the basis for the beginning of another.

third, after surveying Odessa was completed and the project has been made, is the breakdown of axes of buildings and calculating the volume of earthworks required. Most often these works are performed one after another, as once the building is transferred to the countryside, you need to calculate how much soil should be removed to create a notch for the Foundation.

Also geodesy Odessa is characterized by the implementation of such topo-geodetic surveys, as the removal of boundaries, hydrographic and poderina shooting, shooting Executive communications, etc. Should be mentioned that the firm is company "Guild Engineering" performs a variety of topographic-geodetic and engineering-geological survey. Contact the company LLC "Guild Engineering", You can be sure that all necessary work will be performed, and qualitatively and in short terms. All our employees are highly qualified specialists and they are all pretty long work in this field. In addition, all surveys are performed using high-precision modern equipment that provides accurate data, even in the most difficult conditions. Geodesy Odessa is studied by our staff not only within the precincts of Odessa, but also on the field, which greatly facilitates the solution of the client.

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