Surveying - science division of the earth. The history of its origin belongs to the XVIII century BC. The modern name geodesy received in the IV century BC in Ancient Greece. To the reign of Peter the great are written records of the geodesy section. In the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries arose the first geodetic institutions. War, constantly shaking the Europe of that period, demanded a good and accurate maps, respectively, geodesy has developed rapidly. Recently, when they were invented electronic total station, scanners, GPS equipment, surveying has made a big step forward. Increased accuracy, increased speed of measurement. A clear demonstration is an example: shooting one hectare of land before the invention of the total station was done in about one day, using modern equipment, such survey can be done in minutes.

land Surveying

Owners of private plots use the services of surveyors are still at the stage of privatization of land. The geodesy section is the removal of boundaries in nature and perform a topographic survey. the Removal of boundaries of the site produced by turning points. Each swivel point has a unique number consisting of ten digits. The coordinates of these points surveyors receive on request Desemejante of Ukraine. The process of removal of boundaries in nature is called surveying. Mark the boundaries of the precinct with pegs, but you can make and vandal resistant option.

the Company LLC "Guild Engineering" for several years successfully carries out geodetic works. Surveying the land consists of such works as the removal of boundaries in nature, topographical surveying of different scales, different geodetic works in construction (the offset of the axes of the Foundation with the Executive shooting it, the stem axes of the building, as-built survey at different stages of works and the like). But not only the land owners can hire the services of the company. Qualification of company's specialists allows you to perform various geodetic work or large companies. It and supervision of construction, and Executive survey of crane tracks, and the calculation of volumes of earthworks. High quality and tight deadlines of the geodetic work is guaranteed. The company 097-57-246-57.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

the Surveying of the site, the price of this service is composed of many factors. Here and the distance from the object to the office of the company, and the types and amounts of work performed. If You want to order multiple services, then the discount is 20 to 30 percent of the cost of works. For example, when you perform the removal of boundaries with the Geology of the site the discount will be 20%, but if You use the package "Construction" (the removal of boundaries of the site, plus imagery for the landscape, plus a breakdown of the axes of the Foundation), the discount will be 30%. It is also possible to save if a few landowners will come together and will order, for example, the Geology of the site. On the website of the company can arrange a free consultation. A specialist firm will answer all Your questions.

a Very popular service - topographic surveying to scale 1:500. Shooting is performed in several stages. During the preparatory stage, we study all the existing site information. A jobsite transfer geodetic coordinates and datum. Is that shooting on a site of this scale is already there, but the area has changed by more than 35%. Then you need to make a new recording. If the existing survey was done with snow depth of 20 cm, then shooting also need to do it again. Renewal and topoplan whose duration exceeded 12 months.

a Team of surveyors visits the site and takes measurements of distances, angles, measure the coordinates of the feature points. In the company's office, which received the field materials, make processing of materials, compare their findings with the already existing ones. On the map to display the terrain, buildings, roads, utilities. Further, the survey shall be certified in GlavAPU and delivered to the customer.

the Geology of the site you can do even before buying the site, to verify the suitability of the plot. But if Your site already before you build a house geotechnical studies need to be done. Depending on which building it is planned to build, designate the scope of work. For a small cottage usually lasts two to three wells to a depth of 10 meters. If, however, expected to build a multi-storey building, the number of wells and their depth are increased.

If the site is located on the waterfront and the appearance of the beach and the bottom of the reservoir You are not satisfied, you can perform the improvement of the beach and clearing the bottom of the reservoir.

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