the Surveying of land for construction

Surveying of land for the construction or privatization. The cost of services.

Every day have to deal with this question: how Much is geodesy plot?"

There are a number of counter questions in order to understand what is intended by the customer. On the question in the theory clearly the following: the subscriber has a plot of land on which to conduct geodetic works (There are more than 20 types of such works, what remains to be seen). The most important thing that the customer does not confused, geodesy plot with the Geology of the area (Geology recall the definition of soil quality to drilling on the site to calculate the Foundation of the building). In most cases, the customer need Topical topographic survey of 1 : 500 scale negotiate in GlavAPUon the topographic survey will stamp "FIT" to make decisions.

How we work

Accept order, consult

  • We accept your call.
  • Specify details.
  • The definition is given.
  • We pre-determine the price.

the Preparatory phase

  • Choice of drilling equipment.
  • Definition of terms.
  • Accurate calculation of the cost.

Field studies

  • check Out the drilling crew.
  • Drilling.
  • samples of soil structure.

Data processing

  • Import, conversion, adjustment of data from devices.

Cameral researches, coordination

  • We are developing a technical report on geological research.
  • Drawing of topographic plans.
  • Сoordination.

Getting results

  • Transfer documents.
  • Get the rest of the salary.

Topographic survey is carried out using specialized equipment by measuring various distances, sizes, angles for the further preparation of topographic plans and schemes. Topographical survey at the scale of 1/500 required to obtain permits for the design and construction of the building. Also it is useful at the time of delivery of object in operation. Not least for its existence and during the laying of communications. Concluded with us the contract on the provision by the company of such geodetic services in Dnepropetrovsk, as surveying, the work will be carried out followingfollows:

  • the customer provides our specialists technical specifications;
  • prepare all necessary materials and conducts analysis;
  • the surveyors conducted the preparatory phase;
  • carried out field work;
  • data is sent to the office Department;
  • performed laboratory work - compiled topographic documents;
  • prepared documents are filed in architecture;
  • when all work is completed, the customer receives an electronic or graphic form topographic plan, which has a mark of a body of Architecture that the reception was done in the archive.
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If this is still topographic mapping at the scale of 1:500, to determine the cost of such works need to be considered:

    Surveying of land for the construction or privatization
  • the location of the object (In the handset you hear: "Where is the site?"). Moreover, it is important for us not only the distance from the office, which affects transport costs, but in the subsequent agreements to which the architecture refers to, is a city (the most expensive one tablet 250X250 m is 350 UAH.), district (one tablet 250X250 m costs 100 UAH), regional(tablets no)). Moreover, even a small area of 20 ha can get to the junction of tablets, and will have to pay 4 tablet.
    If approval is not needed, it saves more than 1 week during the manufacturing of detailed topoplan plot. Usually approvals are required for the official launch in operation of the new construction project;
  • To which administrative unit applies (city, district, village);
  • The necessary approvals from authorities (Vodokanal, heating, communications, gas, electricity, Sewerage, fire etc);
  • the purpose For which the picture is taken (For landscape design accuracy in 1 see not enough for the scale of 1:500 even more than);
  • Desired time work (if less than 1 week, the rise in price of works almost in 2 times.);
  • the Form and procedure of payment (the most acceptable scenario for us - the clearing settlement with 50% prepayment);
  • When every single work take account of the special wishes of the client (for example, do not show on the site of the Foundation pit for trouble-free allotment of land plot for privatization or not to cause temporary facilities that are sure to show nearest valid manhole for 100 meters from the plot for the design of the pipeline, Central Sewerage network)
  • Sometimes at the price effect of dense construction, of a complex of underground communication network, strong gradient plot, rugged terrain with limited direct visibility, etc
  • Also the involvement of neighbors for example , 1 the site will cost 3 000 UAH., 2 of the plot is 5 000 UAH, and the price for shooting a 4 - areas will be 7 000 UAH.(the price is for everyone will drop to 1 750 UAH);
Surveying of land for the construction or privatization. The cost of services.

Sometimes under surveying of the land plot people mean removal or proverka boundary marks plot or cadastral surveying the boundaries of land for privatization.

I Hope after reading this article, you will be savvy main terms in the conversation with the surveyors.

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