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Attention! Share the surveying of land for 1000 UAH.

Surveying represent the whole research. Despite its diversity and variety, they are all directed in order to properly carry out the necessary calculations in the study area. According to the results of work conducted and compiled documents include buildings or the landscaping of the site.

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Surveying has become part of the construction, it is impossible not to start, not finish any operation on the site. If you have not had the appropriate work, the regulatory authorities will not even take into consideration your documentation. Even if you do not plan to build up your land and want to donate or sell, you still can not do without geodesy. In this case, it is a great way connected with land management and cadastral process. However, in this case, the owner must have the act of removal of boundaries in nature, and it is the prerogative of geodesy, or to perform cadastral survey, which is also an element geodetic survey.

But most need geodesy land it is in the process of construction. First of all, surveyors help to develop the correct and the most optimal design of future structures, based on the purpose, scope and nature of the terrain. Also surveying the land necessary at such an important stage as the installation of communication networks. Using geodetic survey, you can easily find all the weak and location and time to correct them.

Cost of topographical works from 2 500 UAH for the area

Very important the timeliness of the survey. In the case where you want to buy land, geodetic measurements to be conducted before purchase, after detailed research, but before we started to implement project work. Without surveying not do any construction on the land, regardless of its size and shape. Everyone is trying follow the stereotypes to find a level area for construction of the building, while forgetting that a completely flat surface no. In any case, will slope to a greater or lesser extent in some direction, and which will show geodetic research.

Surveying work is also useful to you when you invite your designer to create to improve their territory. Any expert on landscape design will undertake to carry out their work without topographic plan.

One of the cornerstones of the entire survey process is the shooting stage. It is not just in the shooting area and preliminary study of the documentation relating to this area. Only on the basis of preliminary information and your own shooting and geodetic works, land the expert can draw a full picture and to understand how things work on the site, and how to build the project and the future direction of work.

As already mentioned, the important point is the installation of communication systems. In this case it is necessary to study not only the surface area but also its underground part. The only way to avoid mistakes, failures, and problems.

Our company provides a full range of geodetic services. We develop all of cartographic materials in any scale. For this we have staff with the appropriate training and qualifications, as well as special software. Also with the new equipment we carry all types of surveys. We have permission and are authorized to conduct the survey areas and to make the border by corresponding boundary-marks and making the Act of making boundaries in nature.

When it comes to large object, we employ specialists in various training and orientation. We also have staff that specialize in production facilities. So, turning to us, you can count on a multidisciplinary and integrated approach when working on geodesy at your site.  I Hope little could explain what is geodesy land :-)

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