Surveying is a science that explores the parameters of Land in complex and separately. To do this in geodesy highlighted in different directions, a variety of methods and tools. These tools and how you can solve numerous tasks, set before geodesy. To separate the versatile geodesic sphere in a more clear and simple categories that have several main directions. One of these areas is engineering geodesy.


the Second name of the engineering surveying applied. And this title is not accidental. This direction solves practical problems. In matters related to land plots and real estate objects necessary engineering geodesy. Naturally, this direction does not work standalone. It is actively used technique from other areas – elements of topography and cartography.

Surveying applied in the assignment explores not only land, but also various engineering structures. If we are talking about engineering, research is carried out in the course of construction, reconstruction, operation of facilities, land management, landscaping and laying of engineering communications.

From all of the above applications, the most active geodetic works are used in construction. At all stages of the construction process, from design, through surveying is required. We are talking about precision, which is the main criterion for all stages of erection of a structure.

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Surveying accompany the construction at all stages. The first step is engineering and land surveying. From this and work begins on the construction site. Surveys include such procedures – the establishment of a geodetic framework, topographic surveying and topographical documentation. All these works are carried out during the project preparation stage.

Once the project is developed, approved survey procedures include the following – preparing for the breakdown and the implementation of the breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes of a building, the transfer of the project to the construction site, the calculation of earthworks and disaggregated basis.

When the Foundation is laid, it does not mean that surveying work on this end. In the process of construction of the entire building from Foundation to the roof requires continuous geodetic monitoring of the construction of key elements of the facade, floors, each floor and roof. Such control is carried out by means of the intermediate survey. After all the work is done the final shot, which is needed for input into service design. Executive surveys provide an opportunity to monitor the progress of construction and to identify possible deviations and errors.

Not less popular and relevant surveying in the field of land management. geodesy section is based on a study of the land plot with the quantitative side. That is, in the course of land surveying procedures are studied parameters such as the size of the territory and its borders. Also installed and the coordinates.

Central works in the field of land management perform cadastral. They are necessary in order to obtain the necessary for paperwork information. On the plot is carried out cadastral surveying, which determines the position of this site that among other areas, determines its shape, boundaries and coordinates. Based on the survey developed cadastral plan or map.

Another important procedure of land use direction – finding and removal of boundaries in the area. With its help accurately define the boundary and fixed boundary marks. All data agree obligatorily with the owners of adjacent parcels. The availability of an instrument of removal of boundaries entitles the landowner to take any action on its territory. Also, this document will become the main proof of correctness in conflicts and litigation with neighbors.

Surveying widely used in industrial, hydro-technical facilities, as well as in the construction of Railways and roads. In these areas there has been a number of works, which have a specific nature and unique to similar objects. Among the so-called narrow works can be distinguished check the verticality of high-rise buildings, inventory control of raw materials in warehouses, grain elevators. Actively used and leveling, which can explore any surface. During the installation of new equipment without geodesy is not enough.

Surveying is a diverse and multidisciplinary science that meet different needs. The company " Guild Engineering" take this into account and are ready to offer you a full range of surveying services.

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