Geodetic monitoring of sediments and deformation of buildings, foundations and structures

The concept of deformation-geodetic monitoring

One of directions of modern geodesy is the applied deformation monitoring. This concept includes the geodetic monitoring of sediments and deformations of foundations, as well as other important structural elements of buildings and structures. In addition to the deformation monitoring can be a variety of industrial equipment (pumps, compressors, tanks, towers, masts, pipes, etc.).

Geodetic monitoring of sediments and deformation of buildings, foundations and structures

Deformation-geodetic monitoring is the regular tracking of deformation of buildings and other important structures by geodetic methods, produced for the purpose of timely detection and prevention of development of emergency situations. This type of engineering monitoring is an important element in the construction, as well as in the system of state and departmental technical supervision.

Deformation-geodetic monitoring of sediments and deformations of structures during construction

Geodetic monitoring of sediments and deformation of buildings and constructions needed not only to control objects already put into operation. Unfinished construction projects also often require close attention and careful monitoring. In the course of geodetic monitoring of buildings under construction make observations, both for his deformities, and for those buildings that are located within a radius of possible impact of the construction site. Especially important is the organization of similar observations in the construction of tall buildings in urban environments when precipitation and deformation of the new building could cause a "chain reaction" of similar problems among nearby.

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Geodetic monitoring of sediments and deformation of buildings intended to detect critical deviations from the norm as early as possible, in order to identify their causes, to calculate the forecast for the development of strains in time to develop and implement activities for the elimination of unwanted processes.

Monitoring the monitoring process consists of monitoring vertical and horizontal displacements of the characteristic points and lines:

  1. For observations of vertical deflections (monitoring rainfall) in laying the Foundation of the so-called sedimentary brands, and these brands produced periodic leveling. The difference in elevation marks marks after comparing the data of different cycles of measurements describes the size of the deformations, and also their speed. In case differential settlement leads to the development of fracture deformation, they are also subject to monitoring.
  2. The second aspect of geodetic monitoring of horizontal displacement (shear, roll) vertical structures: columns, walls, etc. Such monitoring is particularly important for objects of type towers.

The list of controlled objects, accuracy of measurements and allowable limits of deviations, the frequency of observations established in the specifications under which a contract for the provision of the monitoring services. According to the results of observations of precipitation and deformations prepare a technical opinion. If necessary, the forecast, and provided recommendations on measures that prevent adverse effects of excessive deformations.

Geodetic monitoring of sediments and deformations of foundations, structures, industrial equipment is one of the types of engineering activities of the company "Guild Engineering". Cooperation with open company "Guild Engineering" in this area greatly facilitate the work of service of technical supervision of buildings and structures the construction, industrial and other enterprises.

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