Geological survey

Before starting to build a new house, you need to conduct research into the soils or Geology of the site. the area Geology gives you the opportunity to determine what breed you have on your site, and hence to decide what to lay Foundation to future home last a long time, and not crack the walls, window frames and floors. If your site rock or coarse sand, the Foundation will not have problems, but if clay soil or fine-grained sand, then you have to carefully choose the Foundation. The Geology of the site, you can always order at our company LLC "Guild Engineering", and we will do the job efficiently and quickly.

Geological survey

Regardless, what the soil in your yard, geological services still will need to use. the Geological survey is a combined field, office and laboratory examination at the site. Geological studies include:

  • collect material on the site in the archives of nearby organizations engaged in geological works;
  • drilling
  • excavation of pits or ditches;
  • testing of rocks directly at the site;
  • hydrogeological studies;
  • research of soil and water in the laboratory
  • stability study of rocks (landslides);
  • forecast for the resistance of the soil on the site after construction of the house;
  • reporting.

During the field research carried out a survey of all nearby water bodies: lake, river. Examined the quantity of rain in this area in the summer, and in winter – snow, floods of the last 50 years. On the site it is planned to drill at least 3 wells, describes breed, delivered to the drill pipes from the bottom, visually determined by its properties. According to the materials of previous surveys in this area, and their own observations, determined the depth of aquifers and groundwater on the site.

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All wells drilled in the area of research covered ditches and pits, our company serves in the coordinate system X, Y, Z. If the length of the ditch more 4m, then the coordinates are set from both sides. When passing routes on the earth's surface are sampled rocks for chemical analysis to determine the contamination around the site. In-house period rock samples from wells submitted to the laboratory, and there, by him doing research. Our specialists collect data for research from the lab, and on the basis of these studies and visual descriptions make a report and issued to the customer in 4 copies: 3b hard copy and 1 electronic version. To begin geological survey you need to have a site plan with plotted contours of the design house, as well as its size.

the Number of wells that must be drilled in surveys is calculated as follows:

  • if you plan to build a house no bigger than 10*12m2, then it is recommended to drill 4 wells at the site;
  • home size to 18*18 m2 – 5 wells;
  • house size 18*18m2 – And 6 more wells;
  • if the survey area often occur landslides, or in the earth there are voids (sinkholes), then it is recommended to drill in different places of a site 6 wells and more.

the depth of the well, survey for construction, depends on the depth of the Foundation and is taken under the scheme:

  1. To strip Foundation, it is desirable to drill at the site of the wells deeper than 6-8m on the depth of the Foundation for the project.
  2. Foundation: – the depth of the well exceeds the depth of the piles to 5m.
  3. If the terrain is uneven (and the slope), and you're going to build a house, then you need to determine the absolute mark on the bottom of the slope and add another 5 metres plus the height of the slope.
  4. If you're going to build a house on a site where there are karst cavities, then the well is drilled to such a depth that the machine went into solid rock.

the Foundation for the future house in the survey area is influenced by the soil and ground water:

  1. the Foundation on clayey, loamy heaving soils. These soils are in construction, create the most problems, as they absorb water and swell, thereby deforming the Foundation. Before build on this land a house, you need to test the soil to a load that will give the building, and to choose the right depth of the Foundation. Such soils ideal for several types of foundations:
    • tape to a rigid frame composed of iron bars;
    • monolithic slab
    • on screw piles.
    • is a Foundation and is also ideal for construction of house on the plot, which is located on the slope.
  2. the Foundations on coarse grained Sands. These bottoms allow you to apply any Foundation: tape, monolithic of the plates, bar, pile.
  3. the Foundations on waterlogged soils. The soils are very unstable. You are recommended to divert water away from the survey area, where it is planned to build a house and then build a house on pile Foundation with a metallic shell or tile, reinforced reinforced by bars.

in addition, if the soil survey area is unstable, it can be fixed artificially:

  • for compaction of sandy soils on the site they poured cement;
  • conduct site silicatization chemical solutions;
  • roasting soil on a plot of gases at high temperature;
  • clay soil at the site is drained by means of electric current;
  • method of electrochemical – application on unstable soils the area of the electric current along with injection of chemicals;
  • compaction of soil at the site.

Experienced professionals from the company LLC "Guild Engineering" will give you different kinds of geological survey.

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