Geological surveys of soil

Geological surveys of the soil is necessary to determine the physical and mechanical characteristic, characteristics of bedding layer (thickness, angle of incidence), the characteristics of the groundwater. For design it is important to know the settling soil, depth of frost penetration, and other characteristics.

Geological survey of the soil

geological survey of land begins with a survey of the site. We study the topography, nearby bodies of water. Fixed visually observed gully erosion, landslides, underflooding, karst, and other processes. Fixed areas where shallow water depth, as they relate to the river, with a pond. In the field book usually first put the name of development, of exposure. Recorded its coordinates with reference to some known reference point, point of poligonometrii or released on the basis of topographic marker. Geological survey of the plot is in the description of the layers, starting at the top. In the field book shall be recorded: interval, power, sample number, layer description (name, color, texture, structure, inclusions).

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Geological survey of the soil are more or less detailed. It depends on the amount of research, from geo.structure, importance of the object, the complexity of the terrain. During the study, can be detected complicating circumstances. Then the additional studies. During drilling, take samples of disturbed or disrupted soil structure. Usually can save on more costly investigations, when the structure of the rock does not change when more detailed study of the properties of rocks. Therefore, usually rotary drill or by hand. Geological investigation of the land will have an error. The structure of the rock samples is violated. The original properties are changed. But the most accurate data is obtained during the exploration field methods. You can explore large areas of the site.

Static sensing is the indentation of the probe (metal rod). Usually this method is used to  determine the density, load-bearing properties, the homogeneity of Sands, clays. Using dynamic sensing of a homogeneous bundle layers reveal different layer. This interbed may be more loose, or more dense. This method will allow you to quickly contour distinguishing the bed surface. the geological survey of land with this method of study of the highest quality.

In some cases, Geophysics can be used. The integrated use of several methods gives better results. Thus soils are not violated – because it doesn't need drilling or digging pits, or ditches. It is worth considering that karst caverns, sinkholes difficult to capture with conventional drilling. But they are easily detected by Geophysics. In addition, the drilling depth of small objects usually reaches ten meters. And karst, sinkholes can be below this mark. Safe operation of buildings depends on many features. This and the chosen base, and the ground freezing depth, at what depth are ground water, subsidence of soil properties and a number of other indicators. Geological study usually begins with the construction of the house. In case of complications selects a different location.

Groundwater strongly modify the properties of rocks. Also the soil may be weakened due to technical failures, leaks, irrigation. The groundwater regime can change built large facilities, metro lines. You may experience sagging of the soil, watering, generated by technical factors.

Geological studies allow to choose the right Foundation for the house. Help to prevent deformities, total destruction of the building, the failure of his under the ground. On the website of the company LLC "Guild Engineering" there's a contact form through which you can get advice, make an appointment to geological survey.

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