Survey works in construction

To ensure that your building was held by all the rules, met all the requirements and structure are distinguished by reliability, it is necessary to perform preliminary survey work on the land. Without them, the construction will take place "at random", and erected the building in a few years may start to crumble or fall. In order to avoid such a disastrous outcome must be timely and, most importantly, accurately perform geological work.

"the Guild Engineering many years working in the field of Geology and can provide any services, but also to carry out work on any difficulty and the nature of the object. We carry out geological work on the land plots intended for construction of private houses, entire residential areas, industrial buildings, utilities and Commerce; linear structures.

the Standard geological survey includes work on the site in the form of drilling wells from which samples are taken from water and soil. These samples are analyzed in the laboratory to identify the physical and chemical characteristics of the composition. According to the obtained information, a report outlining all the data about the soil and groundwater and their impact on those or other building materials.

geological survey works in construction

But there are times when to the full research not enough three standard steps required additional tests, analyses and research. Volumes of geological works are determined individually for each case and depend on the preferences of the customer. Some are so carefully and responsibly to your building that you order a full complex of works on the simple plot.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

Our company employs specialists to perform which can perform the full range of survey jobs during the construction of any complexity:
  • We can undertake all the preparatory work, which includes not only collecting permits, but also involves archival search of previous geological studies of the area or site-specific. This is done in order to compare soil conditions and monitor changes.
  • We are drilling wells of any depth and in any quantity. This uses only the most reliable equipment that accelerates and facilitates the work.
  • for a more detailed analysis we conduct research not only in the laboratory but also on the spot. Procedures such as intubation, as well as the test load allow you to get the most accurate results due to the large volume of the investigated material and the natural environment. If necessary proizvodjatsja calculations of slope stability.
  • Individual attention our professionals pay studies of groundwater and water fields for drilling or strip of water.

Many are trying to save money during the construction are trying to reduce geological surveys, which are of great importance in carrying out these works. Unfortunately, such disregard for these services may lead to emergency situations that you need to eliminate that cost comes out more expensive than initially carried out by all standards of the geological survey.

The cost of conducting geological services depends on the technical parameters of the planned building. They determine what methods will be used and what will have to perform the amount of geological work. Another important factor when calculating the cost is the land on which is erected the object and the complexity of the engineering-geological conditions of the site. So it is important that in the beginning the customer has provided accurate technical specifications, which will serve as the basis for the plan of geological research.

The result is qualitatively the work done is report, which includes not only information derived from the analyses. Also is the prediction of geological processes after a certain period of time, assessed the danger, and provides recommendations for the construction and further operation of the facility.

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