Geological study of the site prior to construction and for the project

When a parcel is bought, decorated, marked the boundaries, you can realize your plans into reality. The construction of a multistory building in a densely populated area, its construction thinks the staff in the design office project. It is consistent in many of the permitting authorities. Takes into account not only the parameters, which ensure its sustainability, but the impact of a new facility on the neighboring buildings, the nature, the environment. For the construction of a private cottage is also in need of a project. You can buy ready-made or order an individual. In any case, for the project to conduct a geological study of the site. Its purpose – to examine soils, groundwater, to identify their strengths and opportunities to support the building over a long period of time. The specialists of LLC "Guild Engineering" are ready to provide their services. We have the necessary experience, quality tools, using the most modern research methods. With the customer sign a contract that lists the types of works, conditions of their performance, cost, quality guarantee is provided, the negotiated terms.

geological study of the site before construction for the project

Research carried out in several stages:


  1. Field.
  2. laboratory.

Preparatory phase

Geologists begin to prepare in the archive. We study maps, topographical plans, waste geological sections, technical reports. Take into account the climate, the wind rose, the duration of seasonal events, topography. If the site is new and needs to carry out surveying work to compile the geological, to make boundaries, to align the pad - to order these services separately.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

If you previously conducted research in this area, but it took more than three years and must be repeated. This is due to the fact that the soil layers are moved, penetrate each other under the influence of tectonic movements, seasonal changes in temperature.

Field work

On the plot set well. In bad passable areas on the banks of rivers, among forests using mini installer for drilling. Samples of rocks and soil taken from each meter of each layer. Trying carefully, without breaking the structure, to transport them to the laboratory. During the construction of small cottages for geological study of the site before construction, instead of drilling to hold a dynamic or static drilling. This is a cheaper method but not as accurate. Is the rig to use a drill with inlaid handle and the cone. When pressed in the cone absorbs the soil, we can consider its composition. In some cases, effectively used die drilling. Often it is not required for the project and during construction.

Geological study of the area in front of the building and project at the laboratory stage

In the laboratory study of composition and properties of traskov, subjected them to various tests. Geologists need to know how to behave rocks with a sharp change of temperatures, water-saturated. Fast freezing and slow rosmarius, soils expand, swell, lose their properties blurred. It is dangerous for buildings. Is determined by the density and ability to hold the load, the others need to build performance.

Research Results are processed in special programs. Constructed geological cross-section, graphs, charts. Calculation of capacity of the Foundation, the important elements of the structure, is selected waterproofing, drainage. Geological study of the site before construction and the project concludes with the issuance of opinions, recommendations, design in a technical report.

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