Geology for private house

a Strong Foundation is the key to the construction of sustainable homes. To calculate and to build a reliable house should be for private home Geology: exploration, drilling. You can order the geotechnical survey of your site in our company LLC "Guild Engineering", we have the experience throughout Ukraine more than 5 years and the license for execution of works. Book any service and we will call You back immediately and arrange the terms of work and price.

Geology for private homes

to begin the Geology of the site for a private house the customer must provide the company with the following information:

  1. of the future house.
  2. to Clear the road site for the passage of drilling rig.
  3. Calculate the amount of work. If the house is planned in several floors, so the foundations need to amplify, respectively, and the depth of the wells will be greater.
  4. the
  5. Availability of topographic survey on the site. If a topographical survey has not been carried out, our firm can spend before you start to design a house.

Work a lot, but to avoid distortion of the building, cracks on the walls, the walls didn't collapse because of ignorance or density of the soil at the site, you need to do the entire scope of work.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

the Geology of the land for private house is held in 3 stages:

  1. In the preparatory phase, information is collected from the archives of the geological service of the plot.
  2. In a field period specialists familiar with the area, carried out drilling of wells, take rock samples of both whole and broken, and water, if applicable on the plot, and turn in to the lab.
  3. In-house period, all the collected data are processed and based on them, as well as data on laboratory analyses, draws conclusions and gives recommendations for further work at the site, which are included in the report. In addition to the paper copy of the report, if necessary, our firm provides the electronic version.

the Geology of a private house – is the study of soil for building a strong Foundation. To not flood the basement of the house, you need to determine the groundwater level and correctly to build a Foundation. And, of course, they all want to provide the house with drinking and technical water, it needs to know the availability of the aquifer in the area, and then, when the house is partially built, to drill the hole, fit casing and pipe to bring water to the house.

Geology for house price depends on how much work was carried out on the lot, the depth of wells and the complexity of the work. These are:

  • search and analysis of previously conducted geological work at the site;
  • drilling to determine the geological section of rocks at the site;
  • soil sampling from the site and submitting them to the lab;
  • testing of soils in the field;
  • groundwater sampling at the site for chemical analysis.

Laboratory analysis of soil for engineering-geological works on the site necessary to learn accurate information about the ability of soil to withstand a load representing the future home. If it is wrong to calculate the load or choose the wrong type of Foundation, then there will be the inevitable seasonal deformations of the Foundation, which can lead to distortion of the floors in the house, cracks in the walls, can also badly closed door and crack the window glass in the house.

to Find out the groundwater level in the works on the Geology of the site is also necessary for the following reasons: from the water level at a site depends on how deep to lay the Foundation, and to choose its type. You also need to know whether you can lay under the house or basement it would be flooded in the spring, do I need a drainage system, drainage to divert water away from the house. Approaching high level of groundwater can affect water pipes: if pipe flush with ground waters, and in winter pipes can freeze, and razvernulas in the spring will crack.

In conducting Geology on a plot of considerable importance and chemical analysis of water. Already at the design stage need to know what quality of water on the plot, because it so happens that water at shallow depth in this location is unsuitable for drinking, so you need to dig deeper.

to Solve all the problems on your site will be able our company company "Guild Engineering", from the performed works will depend on the price.

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