Geology for Foundation

If the foreseen construction, geological work is not enough. Whether it be a small private house or a skyscraper, you always need foundations. Even with large machines in factories arrange the bases. What will be chosen the Foundation of the Geology of the site determines. Different types of soils have different capacity to carry the load. The transmitted load must be within acceptable values, otherwise the structure of the soil will be destroyed and, accordingly, may collapse the structure.

Designing a Foundation for Geology. Geological study is carried out by specialized companies, such as LLC "Guild Engineering". The company, acting Geology, must have a good material base. the Geology for the Foundation is impossible without technology, equipped laboratory and specialists. Field work is performed only with the involvement of rigs and vehicles intended for the carriage of equipment. In the laboratory must have a set of devices for the production experiments. The offices are equipped with computers with advanced software. Only then can Geology beneath the Foundation will conform to accepted standards.

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in Order to calculate the desired parameters of the Foundation, you need to know about the Geology of the project area. Geology for the Foundation is a source of complete information on the site. For calculation of Foundation designers are required to have geological sections in various areas. the Basement Geology will help you calculate. Modern software allows to build three-dimensional model of the geological structure of the site. Directly on it the designer can do his or her part. The results of laboratory works that were made in Excel spreadsheets, handled instantly.

Lack of knowledge on the Geology of the site can lead to design errors. Plenty of examples of this. Performed exploratory excavation for excavation in insufficient quantities, missed the lens of soil mixed with organic matter, applied inappropriate in the circumstances, the foundations, and here is the result - the cracks in the window openings, the building is in disrepair, eviction of tenants. To calculate the Foundation for Geology, need to know the capacity of the geotechnical elements and having the numerical parameters of soil properties. To analyze the structure made drilling, during which the geologist deduces the position of the layers and carefully documented. If the soils allow, monoliths taken from the wells for the purpose of conducting tests in the laboratory. If stone is loose or fluid prescribed static testing of soils by sensing or radioactive logging.

Geology for Foundation is required. In some areas developed soils exhibiting drawdown during soaking. In such circumstances, it is difficult to build. There are loess-like loam and sandy loam, devoid of subsidence. The Geology of such places, where there are loess soils and collapsible loess, scrutinize, because the cost of Foundation significantly change depending on the availability of subsidence properties of soils and degree of their manifestation.

Geology for the Foundation studies of the seismic parameters of the study area. This information is taken into account in project operations. On how deep to lay the Foundation of Geology shows, setting the amount of seasonal freezing. Depth of seasonal frost penetration is determined both by calculation and by long-term observations. Designed the Foundation for Geology will have exactly the same parameters that will ensure the sustainability of a building or structure, long service life and no deformation.

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