Geology for the design of linear structures

Geology for the construction of industrial facilities has many subtleties, and its study requires the help of professionals. Specialists of the company LLC "Guild Engineering" have many years of experience in implementing this type of work, as engineering Geology for construction of industrial facilities. The turnaround time can range from seven to twenty days. Geology for construction of industrial objects is complex, you will need to consider the size, topography, location of site, nearest roads, shelterbelts, water bodies. Geology for construction of industrial facilities needed for analysis of different characteristics of soils.

Geology for construction of industrial objects

Construction of buildings must begin with the study of such data as Geology for construction of industrial objects with the aim of avoiding unnecessary, unanticipated capital investments. In the construction of industrial buildings, geological surveys are conducted only at the beginning, when laying the Foundation. Sometimes after analysis, study of soil is found to be invalid by the operation of factories. Geological analysis will be required not only from the point of view of selection of Foundation, number of storeys, type of building, and, in principle, to determine the tolerances of construction. If, as a result, it was revealed that construction work took place in the fertile black soil, the further use of the territory for the same purpose is unacceptable, in addition, improper use of land may be subject to a fine, the object is seized, the activities of the company, is likely to be prohibited by the inspector.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

Geological work carried out on the basis prepared those jobs, it can be engineers LTD. "the Guild of Engineering" on the basis of regulatory standards, their choice depends on the geological conditions, the design stage, number of storeys, degree of operation of the building.

Geology for construction of industrial objects of how the surveying should be carried out in 3 stages:

  • preparatory
  • field;
  • Desk.

At the stage of preparatory works are analyzed, gathering data about previously executed jobs in the area. After collecting the map, analytical data, statistical data, field works start, during which it held mining and drilling. As a result of these works, the boundary of lithological layers becomes a matter of time. In addition, selected soil samples, measured groundwater levels for a complete picture of the geological situation, paid attention to the study of dangerous geological processes that can change significantly over the years, the composition and properties of soils.

Office - to determine soil properties in the laboratory, the result of which is determined by the corrosivity of the soil, chemical composition of groundwater. As a result those drawn up report with a detailed description of all the soils, their quantity, possible factors influencing the composition and properties of soils. In the report there is analysis of soils for several years and the prospects for changes in the composition and properties of soils for the future taking into account the future activity of the enterprise.

After the preparation of the technical report must be carried out state expertise.

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