Geology and geodesy in Alexandria

the Geology of the site Alexandria due to the entry area in the Dnieper upland on Neogene and Precambrian base. The area is located on the border smaller its structures – the Ingulo-Inguletsky accumulative dissected loess plains of the right Bank middle Dnieper and dissected loess upland. In tectonic terms the area is located within the Ukrainian shield. Next to the plot on the right in 1.5 km away is the river Ingulets. Half a kilometer to the South-West is a large reservoir. The relief is sublime, absolute heights in the region of 200m.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy Alexandria

Surveying Alexandria includes geodetic and topographical survey of the project site. Processing shooting, creation of digital topographic maps. Before drilling survey of the site, all residential and non-residential buildings, constructions and various communications. For more accurate laying of the mouths of wells to drill may need the removal of the borders of Alexandria. Based on these boundaries and topoplan geologist maps out a place to drill. Also at the initial phase involves a reconnaissance survey of the area, the documentation of rock outcrops that are visible engineering-geological processes (avalanches, landslides, dolines, sinkholes, ravines, steep slopes), ponds. Alexandria topographical survey is conducted to create topographic maps for geotechnical and design work. Also before drilling, geologists study the archived materials from previous reports.

the Geology of the Alexandria area associated with finding within the Ukrainian crystalline shield. Therefore, the sedimentary layer is relatively small. Under the Quaternary sediments overlain by diorites and granodiorites, diorite migmatite and granodiorite composition, the lower Miocene sediments of the Neogene. About 10km North of Alexandria is the limit distribution of the maximum Dnieper glaciation. As a result of melting of the glacier within the area formed  loess, strongly dissected glacial plain area. On the territory are such landforms as glacial valleys. The terrain is heavily eroded – well-developed gully network. The Quaternary system is represented by eluvial-deluvial sediments – loess, loess-like rocks, sandy loam, light and middle loam with a total capacity of 20-30m. Settling loess-like rocks – 15-30cm.

drilling results we can draw conclusions about the geological profile. On soil-vegetable layer overlain by soil with a capacity of 0.7 m Below the loam brownish-black, homoserine, with the roots of the plants from semi-solid to solid consistency with a capacity of 1.3 m. they Cross over in the loess-like loam, brownish, yellowish-brown, solid consistence, deprecatory, with a capacity of 5m.

At a depth of up to 7m groundwater not open down. But because of the proximity of the river, large bodies of water can be concluded about the occurrence of shallow groundwater. Therefore, the site can be attributed to the potentially flooded. Normative depth of seasonal freezing of soils common – 0.9 m. After the drilling, survey Alexandria allows you to shoot the mouth of the drilled wells.

In earthquake areas can be attributed to the second category. Engineering-geological conditions of complexity fall into the second category. This is due to the proximity of water bodies, the presence of weak technological and loess-like soils. These soils can give drawdown. Before building them whenever possible removed or compacted to a dense dry soil. It is also necessary to pay attention to the possible development of the processes of shedding of steep slopes, the possible development of ravines. You should avoid building near slopes. According to the results of geological surveys into a report with recommendation of Foundation for the house. Then do the project at home. On the basis of this information shall be removal of the borders of Alexandria.

Application for Geology can be arranged through our specialist phone 097-57-246-57. This will help you to choose the most suitable place for construction, to choose necessary materials, to protect themselves from dangerous natural processes and overall cheaper construction.

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