Geology and geodesy Belogorodka

geomorphological map Belogorodka is located on the border of the Transnistrian hill and Kyiv Polissya located on eroded Paleogene-Neogene base. The terrain is flat with rolling hills, dissected by river valleys. On the tectonic map of the studied plot is located on the northeastern slope of the Ukrainian shield. Belogorka directly adjacent to the right Bank of the river Irpen. Through the village flow the tributaries of several rivers, streams. There are several small ponds and lakes. The height difference of 40m, the overall slope of the terrain towards the river and to the North.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy Belogorodka

surveying Belogorodka required for the compilation of topographic maps, plans. They will be used for engineering geological survey and design work. Created digital maps. They can be used to study the characteristics of relief, slope, utilities. During the design objects are entered, the drill site. Before drilling is carried out removal of borders Belogorodka, the stem axis, the mouths of wells. At the stage of reconnaissance geological investigation was to visualize the survey area. In the journal field enter the dangerous natural phenomena, water levels in wells, reservoirs.

Survey Belogorodka needed for take-out, shooting mouths of the wells before drilling and after. On topoplan must be applied underground utilities, power lines. They need to know not to touch during drilling, or transportation. After drilling surveying Belogorodka necessary for drawing up the act of acceptance of the finished works. Removed drilled wells, mine workings. Electronically made geological sections, columns, creates a 3D geological model.

Geological section of the area top-down:

  • PRS – 0.15-0.5 m
  • Holocene alluvial sand, subpesca precipitation – to 10-30m
  • Pleistocene fluvioglacial Sands – to 10-20m
  • Neogene variegated clays up to 10m
  • Bucha Paleogene clay – to 10-40m.

Geology Belogorodka folded Paleogene rocks of the Kiev Suite, lying under the Quaternary system. They are represented by Sands, clays, marl inclusions. In the Southeast they are replaced by Neogene gray-green and mottled clays. From Quaternary precipitation at the site is overlain by alluvial sand, often with gravel and pebbles, with interlayers of sandy loam, loam and clay. To the South-East these deposits pass into alluvial sediments of the second terrace above the floodplain. Further on the surface is overlain by fluvioglacial sediments. The second floodplain terrace composed of granular quartz Sands, loams, silts. Within river terraces are found layers of peat. This  weak soils. Before construction it is necessary to study Geology.

According to drilling under PRS (0.15-0.5 m) sandy loam underlain by yellowish-brown, plastic with concretions of carbonates (0.7-1.35 m). Then there are sand yellowish-gray, quartz, medium-grained – 4.8-6.5 m At a depth of up to 6 m groundwater not detected. But judging by the proximity of the river and by the fact that through the village flow the tributaries of the rivers, the streams, there are several bodies of water – the groundwater level is assumed to be at shallow depth. According to the hydrogeological map, the first layer of ground water is unconfined at a depth of 0-10m. The water bearing rocks – Sands. Aggressive water leaching. Hydrogeological conditions of the area are difficult, so the plot can be attributed to potentially flood prone.

Seasonal freezing of clay sand, fine-grained Sands and silty – Sands 0.92 m. coarse and medium-grained, gravel stone – 0.99 m. Clay, loam – 0.76 m. the First and second geobody probably alluvial. They are soft ground. During construction, strengthen them. On the seismological risk area belongs to the II-III category. Complexity of engineering-geological conditions - can be attributed to the II category. This is due to the well-developed river network, the presence of weak soils (bulk density, peat).

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