Geology and geodesy for the reconstruction of the bridge

Engineering survey for reconstruction of bridges

The company "Guild Engineering" specializiruetsya on all types of engineering surveys, regardless of their complexity, and the methods used. In particular, we provide such specialized services to such a complex process as the reconstruction of the bridge. Regardless of the type of complex artificial structures (pedestrian, road or railway bridge), at all stages of the reconstruction should be carried out certain engineering studies. Only in this case, the bridge, the last reconstruction, will be durable, safe and reliable.

Geology and geodesy for the reconstruction of the bridge

Engineering Geology for the reconstruction of the bridge

Engineering Geology for the reconstruction of the bridge is a very important part of the whole process of construction. But these events should be held at an early stage: the results of reliable, complete data obtained during the geological survey, developed the project of reconstruction. Engineering Geology for the reconstruction of the bridge allows to obtain information about the geological structure of a specific area, the changes that occurred during the operation of the bridge, man-made and natural phenomena. Incorporating all these data will help to avoid such negative consequences, such as deformation and fracture of bridge structural elements and gap engineering.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey by price 7 900 UAH

In fact, without these important studies, irreversible changes quite real in the case of uneven subsidence or erosion of the soil under the bridge. It is therefore important that the whole structure is fully consistent with geological and geophysical conditions. Engineering Geology for the reconstruction of the bridge focused on the detailed study of all the characteristics of the soils where elevated bridge as well as the properties and composition of groundwater, and the study of physico-geological processes and their manifestations.

When carrying out geotechnical surveys for the reconstruction of the bridges, the specialists of the company "Guild Engineering" perform the following work:

  • collect from public funds and archives of the geological, hydrological, seismological and geophysical information on the specific location and analyze the data.
  • perform route observations (reconnaissance survey);
  • carry out the drilling of 4 wells at 25 meters;
  • perform geophysical studies and field work with the ground (sensing, stamps), hydrological events;
  • examine samples in the laboratory;
  • the resulting data is processed using special computer software (office work);
  • be a competent technical report.

The technical report compiled by our experts and be sure past the state examination will be given all the information about the location of the land, its topography, hydrological conditions and geological and lithological characteristics. With such complete information, contractors will easily carry out the optimization of economic costs, will choose the right type of design and materials, are optimally suited to strengthening concrete bridge.

Surveying for the bridge reconstruction

From the beginning to the end of the reconstruction of the bridge required a high-precision implementation of the project. Such precision can only provide a professional surveying for the reconstruction of the bridge. These events include surveying, marking, geodetic control and Executive shooting. Initially, surveying for the reconstruction of the bridge, focuses on a thorough survey of the existing structure. First and foremost, assess the condition of major structural elements and their position. This used aerial survey work, the results of which receive high-precision topographic maps.

Also, surveying for the reconstruction of the bridge provides for holding control of instrumental measurements, including the shooting of the beam profiles, the roadway of the bridge, spans, podrostkovogo envelope. In mandatory measurement of deflection angles bearings and soundings of the depths in range of designs, as well as in the area of channel supports.

Important! Geodetic service during renovation work required during the period from the beginning of the preparatory stage to commissioning of the bridge in operation.

Topographic survey for the reconstruction of the bridge

Topographic survey for the reconstruction of the bridge has traditionally been done in a scale of 1:500. Only this type of work will provide the necessary accuracy and completeness of the information, and provide the ability to perform an objective assessment of the features of the terrain which is investigated. This survey ensures acquisition of accurate topographic plan of the most complete graphic document, which displays: landscape, water resources, infrastructure, ground and underground communications network.

Only with the availability of modern, high-precision digital equipment, possible quality and complete topographic survey for the reconstruction of the bridge. Because the arrangement of elements and their sizes must be transferred as accurately as possible: any error in the calculations would yield distorted data, and errors in the design phase and distortion of the entire construction process. In this regard, the implementation of this procedure should be trusted only to professionals with relevant experience and high qualifications.

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