Geology and geodesy the Kiev district of Odessa region

the Kiev area is in the southern part of Odessa, directly on the Black sea coast. Surface level varies in the range from several to fifty meters. Golden Hill, South-West, Chervonyi khutir, School, Village, "the ship Builder", Churaevka, Dmitrovka, Green Cape, Friendship, high school, Tairov village, Bolshoy Fontan, Dacha Kovalevskogo, Chernomorka, Deribasovska, Gold Coast, southern, Tsarskoe Selo.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy the Kiev district of Odessa region

the Geology of the site of the Kiev district of Odessa region presents srednevekovye deposits of the Pontic layer, Pliocene calving – clays, limestones, Sands, silts with a total capacity of 34m. Under Quaternary sediments throughout the area are found almost exclusively on these deposits. Only on the Black sea coast in the suburbs. White Fountain local island appear fat meoticheskogo tier – Sands, clays, limestone, siltstone, with a total capacity of forty-seven meters. The rest of the site deposits meoticheskogo tiers are blurred, they overlie deposits of the Pontian tier.

precipitation From Quaternary sediments developed widely aaloo-deluvial Genesis, this loesslike loams, loess, fossil soil locally. Two elongated Islands along gullies, ravines (in prig. A large Fountain and in the suburbs. Chernomorka) distributed deluvial sediments of the slopes of river valleys, beams – sandy loam, loam, locally with inclusions of gravel. To them the bands adjacent alluvial-deluvial sediments at the bottoms of gullies, ravines Sands, sandy loam, loam.

Geodesy the Kiev district of Odessa region includes topographic, geodetic survey, providing various kinds of investigations, design work and more generally in the period of construction. The terrain is gently sloping towards the sea. Some slopes are quite steep coast (regional North-Eastern part). On the Pontian sediments were deposited tier pasearse aaloo-deluvial sediments, forming a plain power up to first tens of meters. Plain slotted gully network and estuaries, on slopes where the thickness of Quaternary precipitation is insignificant and can bare the bedrock of Neogene age.

take-away borders of the Kiev district of Odessa region may be necessary during the preliminary study of engineering-geological conditions of the site, examination of the terrain. At this time there are difficulties with determining the exact location of the site.

On the map of engineering-geological conditions of the district are not assigned to dangerous areas on the water content.  For coastal characteristic of these landforms, which formed by sea wave activity and gravitational processes. This marginal ledges, slopes. Almost the entire coast is covered with engineering structures to protect from landslides, in order to suppress the shock waves. Reclaimed artificial beaches, built drainage systems, retaining walls. Through these activities achieved the stability of slopes.

Survey of the Kiev district of Odessa region allows you to get topoplan terrain with the terrain, all buildings and structures and engineering communications.

in Addition to the spread of such dangerous processes as erosion, landslides, flooding with limestones and marls of the Neogene age can be related to karst processes. Are dangerous and ancient abandoned mine workings, catacombs in the limestone. The surface of the earth above them susceptible to sagging, which is dangerous for buildings and structures. Also prone to sagging areas, which can be wetted collapsible loess soils. Therefore, the Geology of the site of the Kiev district of Odessa region is extremely complex. To search for an abandoned underground mine workings, catacombs, good results can give the method geolocation.

it Should also pay attention to the influence of anthropogenic impact on the course of engineering-geological processes and the systematic rise of groundwater level. To clarify the General patterns needed for a long period of monitoring that is beyond the scope of local engineering-geological surveys. Topographical survey of the Kiev district of Odessa region can be ordered and used to monitor such phenomena. Removal of boundaries of the Kiev district of Odessa region can be enjoyed for the removal of the boundaries of the designed object construction.

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