Geology and geodesy Kostiantynivka

the Village of Konstantinovka is located in the South of Ukraine, in the southwestern part of the Nikolaev area in the Arbuzinsky area. This left Bank of the southern bug river, 6 kilometers to the East is Tashlyk water reservoir. The land is flat, undulating, with small hills (of anthropogenic origin), with small slopes. The mark of the earth's surface changed in the range of 31.2–33.3 m. the Nearest settlements are: Yuzhnoukrainsk, Will, lions, agronomy, resounded three times, pribuzhye, bird, Green Yar, Peter and Paul fortress.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy Konstantinovka

the Geology of the site Konstantinovka is represented by sediments of the South Pabaiskas dissected loess plains in the composition of the Dnieper upland Precambrian and Neogene from the base. Precambrian rocks are represented by granites, and microcline, amplit-pegmatoid migmatite. Baltic Suite of the Neogene is composed of Sands, sandy-clay sediments. In tectonic deposition of the site is located in the South of the Ukrainian crystalline shield. of Surveying Konstantinovka can be booked as part of geotechnical studies, or as individual work for the purpose of obtaining topographical plan of the area and buildings are located.

Within the alluvial plains are widespread precipitation first and second floodplain terraces, undifferentiated. In most areas of the village are messopotamia breed (light, medium and heavy loams) olovo-deluvial sediments, strongly dissected loess plains. At the site of drilling is a light, silty loam, with admixtures of organic matter, gravel, pebbles. Power lesopozharnyh breeds 15-20m, settling - 15-30cm.    To clarify the location of drill holes required the removal of borders Konstantinovka.

the results of drilling clarify the geological section. Goes on top of the soil layer (dark gray, black quasimoney loam with organics) with a capacity of 0.6-1.0 m. Then there is a dark gray, black loam, with sand and incorporation of organic matter, pebbles, gravel, boulders, power 1.4-2.8 m Gray, brown, reddish-brown loam, with sand, with pebbles and gravel, with a capacity of 2.2-3.9 m. the Survey Konstantinovka helps to get a topographic map in electronic form that can be used for planning studies, to design, to analyze the data.

Underground pressure waters belong to the basin of water in fractured crystalline rocks of the Precambrian. On a plot of unconfined groundwater drilling is open down all the wells at a depth of 2.9-5.0 m. the Area of research relates to the potentially flood prone.

the Geology of the site Konstantinovka can be placed in the third category on geotechnical properties. Shallow groundwater and as a consequence – high probability of flooding. Along rivers the southern bug and cyanosis within the first or second terraces of widespread landslides and gully activity. Within these terraces are the main precipitation weakened subsidence messopotamia breed.  

During heavy rains, heavy snowmelt, the groundwater level at the site may rise by 0.5-1.0 m Can form the local flooded areas with the water level at the level of the water bearing communications. Seysmoopasnom soils classified to the 2nd category. Topographical survey of Konstantinovka is to get a topographic base area of investigation, may be conducted concurrently with the reconnaissance survey. At high groundwater tables are not recommended the construction of basements, we recommend the use of waterproof materials. It is necessary to provide means of protection from soaking. Ways of protection from uneven deformation of the soil under the foundations include: vertical layout (helps provide rapid removal of melt, anthropogenic, atmospheric waters in livanou network), blind area around the projected object, the use of waterproofing of underground parts of buildings. Water ferruginous, bicarbonate, with mineralization of 1-3G/l. They are strong and aggressive to some medium grades of concrete. Soil first the engineering-geological element subject to excavation. Bottom of Foundation should be deepened below the freezing depth of soil. Freezing depth for loam, clay – 0.75 m. After the completion of the design is the takeaway boundaries Konstantinovka.

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