Geology and geodesy in Mirgorod

topographical map of Mirgorod of Poltava is located on the plain. The plot is situated on an elevated floodplain terrace of the river Khorol. The relief is even planned elevated ground. The absolute level in the range 102-103m.

the Geology of the site Mirgorod is composed of rocks within the geological structure - Romny Myrhorod dismembered plains with pronounced in the relief of the salt structures. A larger structure (the province) is Poltava accumulative loess plain with Paleogene-Neogene base. Tectonically the area belongs to the Dnieper-Donets basin with its powerful layers of sedimentary rocks of most of the stratigraphic units. Within river terraces of Quaternary sediments lies beneath verhneportovaya Kharkiv retinue, composed of sand, Sandstone, clay and marl. Between river terraces in the high places under chetvertichnoe overlain by Pliocene sediments srednecenovogo age.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy Mirgorod

Surveying Mirgorod required for the preliminary survey, obtain a topographical basis for engineering survey and design work. Before field work is carried out visual inspection of the area documentation of the outcrops of rocks, topography, information about the possibility of flooding, the probability of occurrence of landslides, slope processes and development of karst. To know exactly the location of the designed object and to place the well – being removal of the boundaries of Mirgorod.  

On Paleogene and Neogene sediments overlain by loess rocks with fossil soils, which are underlain moraine, loam, sand. Within the floodplain developed floodplain alluvial sediments. They often contain peat. In the rest of the common aaloo-deluvial sediments are sandy loam, light and middle loam with a total capacity of 7-15m. Settling lesopozharnyh breeds 15-30cm.

Survey  Mirgorod allows you to explore all the differences, dangerous slopes, roads to travel, utilities. Is in case, when together with the terms of reference are not given topolskova. In the future it will be necessary for the design.

On the plot at the top of the section lies a bulk layer with thickness 0.1-1.2 m. Below is the soil layer with roots of plants with a capacity of 0.5-1.3 m. Then there is loess loam, light yellowish gray, pale yellow, deprecatory, carbonatized, from magkoelasticna to semi-power 3.6-4.6 m At the base of the section are quartz Sands, light gray, fine, water-saturated, medium dense and dense, with interbeds of sandy silt dissected with a capacity of 4.2-7.7 m.

the Geology of the site  Mirgorod complicated by the presence lesopozharnyh soils, where the peat and the fact that the site is potentially flood prone. According to hydrogeological zoning for the site is Dnieper-Donetsk artesian basin. Workings unconfined aquifer in Quaternary sediments is found in the depth of 5-6m in sand deposits. Aquifer fed by infiltration water after rains, or from technical leakage. Vodopadami are Paleogene clay sediments. The rise of water because of seasonal fluctuations can reach 0.5-1m.

topographical Survey Mirgorod can be both within the engineering and geological surveys, may be conducted separately at different stages of design and construction.

Seasonal freezing depth of soils on the site within the meter. The area is characterized by the second category of complexity of engineering-geological conditions. Soil and soil can't be the reason for the Foundation of navigationnode properties and will be removed before construction. As the base can be clay loam compaction to a density of dry soil or the device ground cushion of compacted local soil, blast furnace slag, or crushed magmatic rocks. Fine-grained Sands may be derived, if we were to use pile foundations. the removal of the boundaries of Mirgorod is made after the design.

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