Geology and geodesy in mykhailivka-Rubezhivka

mykhailivka-rubezhivka geomorphologically located on the Transnistrian elevated position within the Kiev Polissya with blurred Paleogene-Neogene base. The terrain is flat with rolling hills, dissected by rivers and ravines. Tectonically the area is on the Northern slope of the Ukrainian shield. Through the Mikhailovka-Rubezhivka river Bucha with a large reservoir on the South, the North, crosses another small stream.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy mykhailivka-rubezhivka

Geodesy mykhailivka-rubezhivka, topographical survey mykhailivka-rubezhivka allow to obtain topographic maps and plans for geological engineering surveys and design works. These are then transferred on a digital map. Digital topographic can study the changes of the relief, slope, utilities. During the design are recorded outbuildings, the point of drilling. Coordinates, boundaries, axis of buildings shall be recorded in the total station. Before drilling is performed removal of the boundaries of mykhailivka-rubezhivka, the stem axis and the points of location of wells.

geological study begins with reconnaissance. Submitted the point of location of wells. In the field book are documented visually detected dangerous natural processes, the level of water in wells and reservoirs. Geology mykhailivka-rubezhivka at the design stage allows you to select control unit, type, depth of drilling.

Geodesy mykhailivka-rubezhivka, survey mykhailivka-rubezhivka is needed during drilling to determine the wellheads. Also on topoplan are different communications that may be impacted during drilling, transportation. After the drilling of surveying mykhailivka-rubezhivka need to capture the mouth of these wells. Digitized map with all included data is used for data analysis, reporting. At its base creates a 3D model, rendered dangerous phenomenon.

Geological section from the top-down:

  • PRS – 0.2 m;
  • Sands of Holocene alluvial deposits – to 10-30m
  • Pleistocene fluvioglacial Sands – to 10-20m
  • Neogene variegated clays up to 10m
  • Bucha Paleogene clay – to 10-40m.

Geology mykhailivka-rubezhivka under the Quaternary rocks are represented with  lower, verhneportovaya gray-green and mottled clays. The Quaternary system is represented by alluvium, fluvioglacial Sands of different grain size with fragments of small boulders, layers and lenses of silt, peat.

Data drilling. Under PRS (0.2 m) underlain by peat up to 0.8 m followed by sandy loam with impurities is 0.8 m Below the sandy loam startovani - 2.0 m, Sands m/s – 1.4 m, loam with plant remains – 0.8 m To 6 m. ground water was not detected. The first aquifer (Poltava) is at a depth of 40m. Water-bearing sediments are sand, sometimes with clay, clay, marls, Sandstone. Unconfined aquifer in the Quaternary sediments can be encountered at a depth of 0-10m. Aggressiveness of waters from leachate to cause acid. In impervious clay, the loam may cause the formation of perched water. The replenishment comes from rivers, rainfall, melt water. Silty, fine-grained sand, sandy freeze to a depth of 0.8– 1.2 m. the Plot refers to the potentially flooded. On the seismological risk - category II. Complexity of engineering-geological conditions - can be attributed to the II or III category. In  the geological profile assigned 4 geobody. Relief is significantly rasclient. The soils are found in layers of peat and organic matter. Hydrogeological conditions as well.

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