Geology and geodesy in novoorzhyts'ke

the Village of Novorijskoe is located on the left Bank of Bazovets – tributary of Clipart, on the coast of a fairly large body of water, in Oricom district of Poltava region. On a topographic map is the Dnieper lowland. The site is planned, aligned bulk soils. Absolute marks of the surface of 104.0-117.0 m. the Nearest settlements are Khoroshki, Kujbyshevo, New, Lazarki, Iskuzi, Lubna, a resident of Ulyanovsk, the Article, Apple, Humps.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy of Novorijskoe

the Geology of the site, Novorijskoe is composed of two closely spaced rainfall geomorphological structures. Rocks Yagotynske weakly dissected plain (moraine terraces of the Dnieper river) within the middle Dnieper left-Bank alluvial terrace plains Paleogene base. On the other hand, Romny Myrhorod dismembered plains with eye-catching salt domes in Poltava loess, accumulative plains with Paleogene-Neogene base. In tectonically is part of the Dniepr-Donets basin. of Surveying Novorijskoe includes a geodetic survey of the area to create topoplan areas.

Sole Quaternary rocks are in the Western part are sandy deposits of the upper Paleogene of Kharkiv retinue. In the East it is continental strata of sand and clay sediment, loam, buried soil, clay marl, clayey layers with conglomerates. In geological structure involves a top soil composed of dark-brown loam with inclusions of construction debris, solid consistency, power 0.6-0.8 m. light coloured pale-yellow loess-like loam, macroporous, with  carbonates, hard, with inclusions of gravel, subsidence, power 3.9-4.3 m. Lesse, presents pale yellow calcareous sandy loam, from plastic to hard, subsiding, power 3.1-3.3 m. take away the borders of Novorijskoe is allowed to determine the location of the study area.

plot developed messopotamia rocks alluvial plains undifferentiated first and second floodplain terraces, superimposed on more ancient terraces. Power lesopozharnyh rocks 7-15m, settling 30-50cm. Subsidence properties of soils unfavorable to construction activities. Topographical survey of Novorijskoe allows for topographic survey work for the design.

non-pressure water Horizon is at a depth of 5-10m. There is the likelihood of perched water. Due to the proximity of water bodies and shallow groundwater, the site should be considered potentially flood prone. Water chloride, bicarbonate, salinity up to 150 g/L. Water is not aggressive.

the Geology of the site, Novorijskoe complicated content in flood-plain terraces of peat layers and the presence in the area of gullies on the map of engineering-geological conditions. In General, the complexity of engineering-geological conditions of the area can be attributed to the second category. The freezing depth of the clay loam – 0.66 m, sandy loams, and silty fine sand – 0.80 m. the wetted soils Subsidence from own weight is not revealed. On seismic properties of soils classified to the 2nd category.

Survey of Novorijskoe can be ordered if the scheduled construction if you want to define, or outline the border of your land.

the Top layer non-uniform in composition and properties. It is not recommended to use as the base for the Foundation. Loesslike loams of the second geobody and geobody loess third have weakened the properties associated with their settling. For use as Foundation in weak soils prepare "cushion" - compacted soil to the density of the dry soil. Lay layers of blast furnace slag or crushed granite. It is also necessary to plan ways of water protection – blind area, filling cavities of the pits. Once the draft is the removal of borders Novorijskoe.

to Conduct studies of the soil at the construction site, to perform geodetic, topographic survey may firm LLC "Guild Engineering".

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