Geology and geodesy in Pavlograd

the Plot surveys, conducted by our specialists, located in Pavlograd (Dnipropetrovsk region) in five kilometers West of the large reservoirs of the Samara river. On the topographical plan on the South-Eastern edge of the Pridneprovskaya lowland. with the Geology of the site Pavlograd is composed of sediments within the geomorphological structure of the Samara terrace plain within Zaporizhzhya plains Precambrian and Neogene prequaternary rocks. On the tectonic scheme of the area is located on the southern edge of the Dnieper-Donets basin. Under Quaternary sediments overlie rocks of the Kharkiv retinue, presented a grayish-green quartz Sands with glauconite. Yet there are layers of clay sediments and porous Sandstone. Clay is confined to the upper part.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Pavlohrad Geodesy is carried out before the geological study of the area for the relief survey, various constructions, engineering communications. General information on the Geology of the site and the occurrence of dangerous natural processes is obtained by reconnaissance surveys site works. On the basis of the obtained will be planned exploratory excavation. The removal of borders Pavlograd allows you to determine where you will be drilling.

the Plot is located on the first or second verkhneangarsky undifferentiated floodplain terrace presents lissopogonini yellowish-brown loam, macroporous, lumpy, homeservername, with carbonates. The layer thickness can reach 20-30m, the settling of rocks within 15-30cm. Wells revealed: the top soil (gravel, admixture of other species) with a capacity of 1.8-2.0 m; loam solid, neprorabotannye that contains crop residue, construction debris (judging by all this, too, soil) with a capacity of about two meters; loam solid, collapsible soil mixed with plant residues, construction waste with a capacity of 2.9 m.

Survey Pavlograd is performed at the initial stage, if the specification is not issued topoplan. The topographic map allows you to explore the area, exploration plan elaboration. To outline driveways. Digital topographic are planning geotechnical surveys, processing the resulting drilling data. And later on it is projected the intended construction.

the Geology of the site the project is composed of sandy loam, loam light and middle. Undivided sediments of the first and second floodplain terraces start from the river Samara and stretching to the river Wolf. The first unconfined aquifer is located at depths of 10-15m. The following below artesian aquifer is confined to the Kharkiv Suite of the Oligocene. Of water chloride. The site is not potentially flood prone. The results  of research revealed the aggressiveness of the water. Therefore, you should plan activities to rainwater drainage and to provide for waterproofing. Visible hazardous geological processes as a result of the survey not detected. The depth of frozen soil containing sandy loam, silty Sands and fine – 0.96 m. Medium, large and gravelotte Sands is 1.0 m. the Loam and clay – 0.78 m On seismic conditions of the area placed in the third category. On category of complexity of engineering-geological conditions to the second.

topographical surveys of the project can be conducted as part of the engineering-geological works, as well as separately. At the end of the field work shooting the mouths of wells. For buildings with small loads may be recommended tape monolithic Foundation with prepared "pillow". Depending on the weight of the buildings choose the layer thickness of the "cushion". Soil because of their unreliable and is not sustainable construction properties is recommended to remove before construction. In soils exhibiting subsidence properties, it is necessary to isolate by settling compaction, increase density, or in other ways, turning them into neprostoy. As a result, should be strengthened in them the strength and deformation characteristics.

removal of the boundaries of the Pavlograd is part of the civil works and shall be made after successful completion of pre-project and project works.

the Company LLC "Guild Engineering” performs all kinds of geodetic and topographic survey and geological survey of soils for construction.

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