Geology and geodesy Rusanovskoye Gardens

Rusanovsky Gardens is located on the Dnieper-Desna terraced plains on the basis of the Paleogene. Tectonically confined to the North-Eastern slope of the Ukrainian shield. The relief is flat, lowered with ponds and lakes. In geomorphological terms, this floodplain Holocene terrace (alluvial plain) on the left Bank of the Dnieper. The absolute level in the range of 95-96M. Geological survey start exploring. Mark the sites for drilling. Geology Rusanovsky Gardens the first stage begins with the examination of available outcrops of rocks, the study of bodies of water, visible manifestations of dangerous natural processes. With the measurement of water level in wells.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy Rusanovsky Gardens

Surveying Rusanovsky Gardens at the initial stage, need to find and bind to a site on the ground. The Rusanovsky gardens a topographical survey is carried out to form the topographic basis for geotechnical studies and design work. Before drilling remove all surveyors are on site and adjacent structures, utilities. Then everything is rendered on a digital map. On this map planned locations for drilling wells. Takeaway boundaries Rusanovsky Gardens before drilling will allow the terrain to see the axis, the border house, to see the location of the wells. After completion of the work  geodesy Rusanovsky Gardens are needed to prevent coordinates of the wells. Under adverse geotechnical conditions, may need removal of the boundaries of the Rusanovskoye Gardens. the Survey Rusanovsky Gardens is also to work with geological information to construct geological sections and columns of wells with georeferenced to a topographic basis.

Generalized geologic section of the area of the plot, starting at the top:

  • powerful layer of Holocene sandy alluvial sediments is about 30 (activity of a river over time washed Pleistocene fluvioglacial Sands, variegated clays of the Neogene and Paleogene Sands partially Bucha);
  • Cretaceous sandstones and Sands – 10-15m;
  • Jurassic clay – about 100m
  • Jurassic sandstones and sand – about 10m;
  • clay Triassic time about 10m;
  • Perm Sands with a capacity of about 100m.

Under sedimentary rocks overlie Archean-Proterozoic crystalline granite rocks. The occurrence depth of about a mile. The thickness of sedimentary strata increases to the northeast and decreases to the southwest. As a result of drilling clarify the geological section in Rusanovsky Gardens: lies on Top SOP – 0.5 m. Then there are fine-grained Sands – 2.0 m. the sandy loam solid with organic impurities – 3.0 m. the Sand is fine-grained – 6.0 m The site is located on the border of the floodplain alluvial sediments (quartz Sands of different grain size, clay loam) and in the Eastern part, alluvial sediments of the first terrace above the floodplain (associated quartz Sands, granular with rare sublayers of loam and sandy loam).

Geology Rusanovsky Gardens to a large extent depends on the hydrogeological conditions of the area. The first artesian aquifer (Poltava) is at a depth of 30m, the second (Bucha) is at a depth of 60m. The first unconfined aquifer during drilling is not met. This horizon is anthropogenic in alluvial Sands with gravel, pebbles and interlayers of sandy loam, loam at an average depth of from 0 to 5 m. In this regard, and due to the proximity of water bodies can be attributed to the potentially flooded. On the engineering geological map in the adjacent coastal area widespread landslides, ravines. The ground freezing depth is 0.8 -1.5 m. In seismic conditions the area belongs to II-III category on a scale. On engineering-geological conditions of the area belongs to complex (II or III category). The design needs to provide for waterproofing of the Foundation, waterproof the event.

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