Geology and geodesy in UZS

Sumy is located on the Psel river, where it flows into the Bag R. with its tributaries of the Arrow and Pomadkoy. Also in the city is a large lake Cech and several large water bodies (hidrocaribe). Surface elevations within 120.0 m.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

the Geology of the site Sumy rich sediments of different geological systems. Tectonically the city is located on the northeastern edge of the Dnieper-Donets basin. Geomorphologically the area is confined to the Eastern Ukrainian erosion-denudation plains dissected by Neogene, Paleogene and Cretaceous based within the South-Western spur of the Central Russian upland. Indigenous precipitation in the southern and Western part of the city presents srednevekovyi undifferentiated sediments – grain Sands with interlayers of clays, sandy-pebble deposits of alluvial and lacustrine clays. In the Eastern and southern parts (in rivers) is overlain by upper Cretaceous carbonate deposits. In the Northern and Central parts of the Paleogene Sands overlain by fine-grained, glauconitic and carbonaceous, kaolin, siltstone, breccia, gravel. of Surveying Sumy or is a part of engineering-geological surveys, or may be held separately.

Quaternary system composed of (from the river) alluvial floodplain terrace sediments – sand, clay, silty clay loam. Undifferentiated sediments of the first and second terraces, lake sediments – marl, silty clays, peats. At the site drilling operations occur from the top down: a layer of soil with a capacity of 1.4 m. the Loam plastic loamy soil, light, loess, with a capacity of 1.6 m. Sand grain capacity of 4.0 m. the Clayey sediments with a capacity of 1.0 m. the Removal of the Sumy boundary is needed to define the boundaries of the site.

outside the river terraces developed undifferentiated aaloo-deluvial loess and brown loam with lenses of loam, sand, peat, marl, silty clay within the loess plains. Marl contains a carbonate component – there is a possibility of development of karst processes. Soils with peat-silt component are weak soils for construction.

Survey Sumy is performed to obtain the topographic maps for various types of surveys to design and construction.

In the area developed such messopotamia breed as sandy loam, light and middle loam with a total capacity of 15-20m, settling 15-30cm. In the city unfavorable to the building are steep slopes, floodplain terraces, exposed beams. Steep slopes subject to landslides. In parts of the floodplain, near the rivers, ponds areas are potentially flooded. Construction properties of moist soils deteriorate. There is a tendency of ground water level rise.  

the Geology of the Sumy area is generally characterized by unfavorable engineering and geological conditions. Seismic properties of the area belongs to the 2nd category. Unconfined groundwater level in Quaternary sediments at a depth of from 5-10 to 10-15m. Artesian water horizons are thermal with the temperature more than 20 degrees and the mineralization up to 1 g/L. Water bicarbonate, calcium and iron. Topographical survey scrip can be ordered as individual work to obtain topoplan area both in construction and in the use of land and in various types of surveys.

due to the prevalence of moist soils, it is recommended to use the waterproofing and to design ways of removal of atmospheric water in the stormwater network. The freezing depth of fine and silty Sands, sandy loams -1.17 m of Clay and loam – 0.96 m. the Coarse-grained rocks – 1.26 M.

Soil layer is not suitable as the basis for foundations and excavation is subject. For objects with a small load recommended monolithic strip Foundation. Must be prepared base in the form of dirt "pillows" with a power that depends on the load of the designed object. Construction of a designed object begins after made the takeaway borders Sumi.

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