Geology and geodesy Voron'kivka

Voroncovka is located in Vyshgorod North of Kiev region. The village  is located directly on the Bank of the river Kozka. Not far to the East, Southeast is a network of tributaries of the river Irpen. The terrain is rolling hills and plains. Absolute marks of the surface of the earth changes within a 120-122m. The nearest settlements are the Bruise, Rakovka, Guta-Mezhigorskaya, gavrilovka, Lakes, Lubyanka, Blistavitsa, Gotal, Mason, Lyutizh, Buda-Babinska, Zdvizhivka.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy Voroncovka

the Geology of the site Voroncovka are formed by precipitation Makarov Moreno-sander valley, located in Kyiv Polissya, with the Neogene-Paleogene base. In tectonic respect the area located on the northeastern slope of the Ukrainian shield. Virtually the entire area where the village is situated, lies prequaternary Kiev retinue srednemirovogo age presented beskaravainy clay, marl, light-gray, brown with a total capacity of 38m. Only in the far West are partially captured srednebelaya Obukhovo formation, siltstone folded light power 14m.

Surveying Voroncovka consists of a geodetic and topographic survey, a result which is obtained topographic base of the adjacent areas to the locations of structures, buildings. Usually at the preliminary stage of research is not carried out removal of border Voroncovka.

From the Quaternary sediments within Voroncovka predominantly aaloo-deluvial loess-like loam, a loess. An island in the Central part and on the Eastern edge of the common marsh sediments – clay loam, silty clay, peat. On the southern edge of the partially harmed glacial deposits of the Dnieper glaciation – marl, loam, sandy loam, clayey Sands with boulders, pebbles and gravel. If there is no topographical plan of the area – the first carried out the survey Voroncovka.

Data drilling on the property. Top soil consisting of black, dark brown sandy loam quasimoney, solid capacity of 0.4-0.6 m. the Sand is slightly wet with a capacity of 0.6-2.2 m. the Sand with interlayers of clay with a capacity of 2.5-2.9 m. the Sand wet with uncovered capacity 1.3-2.8 m.

the Power of loess-like rocks of 5-10m is sandy loam, light and medium loam. From a depth of four meters are moistened Sands. This suggests that there is (or close) of the first unconfined groundwater level in the Quaternary sandy deposits. The site is potentially flood prone. The depth of the first level of unconfined waters from zero to ten meters. The aggressiveness of water cause acid. South of the village of the aggressiveness of the leaching water with a chloride content of less than 2 mg/L.

the Geology of the site Voroncovka characterized by complex engineering-geological conditions. This is due to high probability of flooding, the proliferation of dangerous for the construction of a loess-like rocks, peat. Along the river terraces there is a high probability of development of landslide processes. the Survey Voroncovka allows you to obtain relief data, by using the structures and buildings, and various communications. This is necessary for planning of exploration wells, for design work and for construction of the facility. The plot of the second-the third category of soils by seismic properties. Regulatory freezing depth of soils in winter is 0.8 m, maximum 1.5 m.

Soil-vegetative layer of the first engineering-geological element is not intended to form the basis of the designed object. For given geological conditions, it is recommended to seal Sands heavy trambovkami to the density of dry sand. For small structures recommended tape monolithic foundations. You must first prepare the base - to make a "cushion" of gravel igneous rock or furnace slag. Capacity cushion must be greater than 0.8 m. you can Also use a pile Foundation made of the hanging of screw piles. Part of the construction work is the takeaway borders Voroncovka.

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