Geology and geodesy Zhukyn

Jukin confined to the Dnieper-Desna terrace plain within the limits of Chernihiv Polissya with Paleogene base. Tectonically belongs to the North-Eastern slope of the Ukrainian shield. The low relief, dissected the meandering valley of the river Desna. The site is located on the West Bank of the Desna with its tributaries, creeks and streams.

set of works: Geology + topographic survey + the removal of borders on price 10 900 UAH

Geology and geodesy Jukin

Before beginning survey carried out inspection of areas. Outlines wellheads. Geology Zukin begins with the study of the surface layers with rocks, ponds, surface manifestations of dangerous natural processes, with measuring water levels in wells. At this stage, surveying Jukin is to find and bind a site on the ground. the Survey Jukin is to make a topographic map for future building. Before drilling is conducted geodetic survey on the project site and the adjacent nearby areas: residential and non-residential premises of various utilities. The shooting made on a digital map. It outlines the places to drill wells. The removal of borders Jokin before drilling helps to position the axis, the boundaries of buildings and planned wells. After drilling  surveying Jukin is the measurement of the mouths of wells drilled. In connection with complex engineering-geological conditions after the analysis and processing of the results may again need to take away the borders Jukin. The survey allows Jukin also work with geological information to construct geological sections, column wells.

the Estimated the generalized geologic section, starting at the top:

  • Sands of Pleistocene fluvioglacial sediments –  20m;
  • variegated Neogene clay about 50m
  • Paleogene Sands Bucha – 30-40m;
  • Kanevsky Paleogene clay – 20m
  • Cretaceous Cenomanian sandstones and Sands – 10-15m;
  • Jurassic clay – up to 150 m
  • Jurassic sandstones and Sands – 30-40m;
  • clay Triassic time is about 10m.
  • Permian Sands – 40-50m;
  • below are the crystalline basement rocks.

Archean and Proterozoic crystalline sediments, granites start from a depth of about a mile. The thickness of sedimentary strata increases to the northeast and decreases to the southwest. In the North-West Iukina, farther from the river, widespread alluvial deposits of the first terrace above the floodplain – grain quartz sand with rare interlayers of loam and sandy loam. Closer to the river are alluvial deposits of floodplain terraces of different grain size quartz sand, loam. Floodplain areas are unreliable for construction and require a preliminary geological investigation before construction.

Geology Jukin includes the study of terrain, the evaluation of the soil and hydrogeological conditions. First Poltava pressure water horizon is at a depth of 17m. Second, Bucha – at a depth of 59m. The horizon in unconfined Quaternary sandy sediments located at depths from 0 to 10m. This level is highly dependent on seasonal rains, snow melt. Considering also the low elevation, the land plot can be attributed to potentially flood prone.

the Result of long-term observations showed that the depth of frost penetration of soils is 0.8-1.5 m. In seismic conditions the area belongs to II-III category on a scale. Due to confinement to the floodplain, shallow water table, possibility of flooding, the presence of silty sand (with properties subsiding) phase can be attributed to the II category of complexity. Not visually identified hazardous engineering-geological phenomena (karst, erosion, suffusion). For soil data for small units are recommended for monolithic strip Foundation on a cushion or hanging screw piles.

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