Geology and geodesy Kharkov, Staryy Saltov, Chuguyev, Pechenegs, Volchansk, Lipsy, topographic survey, removal of boundaries

Guild Engineering is engaged in geological research and surveying for construction, reconstruction, region Kharkiv and region, as well as Old Saltov, Chuguyev, Pechenegs, Volchansk, Lipsy. The complex includes the drilling of up to 10 meters, laboratory report writing for calculation and design of the Foundation, as well as surveying and removing borders

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Geology and geodesy Kharkov, Old Saltov, Chuguev, Pechenegs, Volchansk, Lipci, topographical surveying, removal of Granit

This region differs from the others, for example from Izum that are in the immediate vicinity of coniferous forests, which clearly indicates the presence of sand and low groundwater levels.

Geology and geodesythese geological survey the depths of the wells quite up to 10 meters, and when the composition of loess soils suitable for manual drilling rig. This method identifies all physical and mechanical characteristics of rocks. Based on water chemistry and mineral composition of the active elements are selected building and finishing material. As well as the need to gidroizolirovat Foundation and plinth. And such a question is it possible to dig out the basement will be able to respond geological structure.

Geological engineering is a complex work, underestimating can lead to irreversible consequences such as cracks in the Foundation and walls, distortion of window and door openings. Therefore, we cannot neglect these services, because the emergency situations much more cost than initially qualitatively performed work.

Data obtained during the implementation of the research, provide the basis for determining what type and depth of the Foundation required for the planned construction of the property. Engineering survey is carried out to determine the most dangerous of such processes of Geology, landslides, flooding, suffusion and so on. Surveys geologists a not less valuable information to obtain permission for the design and conduct of construction - assessment of the impact of the construction of buildings or structures located on the real property.

The site survey involves the carrying out of such works:

  • drilling of wells;
  • conduct research taken soil samples in the laboratory;
  • applying the method of static sensing for soil testing;
  • test the soil with a stamp;
  • compiling documentation on the basis of the data obtained during these operations.

For a standard suburban house in 2 floors up to 150 m2 enough 3 wells. Having the actual surveying, topographic surveying and precise marks wellheads, draws engineering-geological sections. On sections graphically presents the information in the legend about the depth and composition of soils. When geological survey the important point is the design and field sample description. The sheet passing wells with preliminary recognition of soil and selection of engineering-geological elements. At the end of the works to our assistants will give recommendations for the design and hydro-geological events. The technical report on geotechnical investigations included extensive narrative, and geodesy in the composition topographic survey and report on ingenero and geodetic survey.

Geology and geodesy, removal of Granit In the Kharkiv region, in the following towns and villages as Kharkov, Old Saltov, Chuguyev, Pechenegs, Volchansk, Lipsy, we use a network of GPS stations that gives you the ability to do removal of boundaries of the land vnature for the layout of the fence. According to hydrogeological zoning, the area included in the Dnieper-Donetsk artesian pool. The area of research dedicated to the Dnieper lowland and is located within the East-Ukrainian erosion-denudation sloping plain on the Neogene-Paleogene and Cretaceous basis. The climate in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region is moderately continental with mild winters and long, hot, sometimes dry summer. The average rainfall in the year 516÷527 mm In most cases the soils are part loam brownish-brown loam silty, fine-grained sand.
In any case, each area is individual and requires special attention of the specialists of the Engineering Guild.

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