Geology Nikolaev, Pervomaisk

Geological surveys for the construction and reconstruction in Pervomaisk throughout the Nikolaev area. The range of works includes: drilling, survey of the soil in the laboratory, preparation of the technical report.

Geology of Nikolaev, Pervomaisk

Our company has complied with the Geology of the site, under renovation hydraulic car dumper-ARG-21, 22 on the branch of PJSC "vradievskiy Elevator". The facility is located on prospect Geroev Vradiivshini,12. This work was carried out on the territory of the Elevator Mykolaiv region, urban-type settlement in Vradievka, station Vradievka. The customer of these works is PJSC "state food and grain Corporation" it is the largest State food and grain Corporation of Ukraine. The nearest major settlement is the town of Pervomaisk, Mykolaiv oblast and the city of Nikolaev. In all these cities the company carries out geological work. In the course of the work our experts have made the engineering of wells for sampling in three different places. Each of the wells had zaglublennosti on 10 meters. This work allowed us to take a sufficient amount of geological material, to make all necessary tests. In the end, we have compiled a detailed report and given all of the results with recommendations from our engineers, geologists, on the basis of which was begun setting of the unloader. Also in the works consisted of detailed topographic survey of the entire facility with an area of 4 Hectares with the preparation of the technical report on engineering-geological and topographical and geological works.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

Geology of Nikolaev

Geology of the site is an important step of all construction works. Due to its possibilities and numerous analyses and tests, you can receive the full information on the location of the planned construction of a new building or installation of the object. With the help of geological research, you can determine the strength of the soil, the groundwater level. Perhaps, after conducting a detailed analysis will prove that the construction in this place is simply impossible due to reasons of natural geological character, though in appearance the terrain looks pretty attractive. So from a quality engineering-geological works depends on the reliability of your design or the proper installation of this object, as well as its functionality.

Geology of Nikolaev, Pervomaisk

In some cases, the place itself makes it clear that there may be some difficulties. For example, if the relief is heterogeneous and has slopes, before the main work will be necessary to smooth the entire surface. Otherwise, you need to invest in additional capacity, as well as the high base with one hand. But, as already mentioned, apparently perfectly flat plot in a good climate zone can hide under the ground many negative factors and parameters.

In the process geological survey experts to inspect the area and give it an initial, so-called surface evaluation. After that they move to action - drilling and extraction of the required sampling and analysis of all layers of the soil and water. All these specimens are sent to the laboratory for a thorough analysis on all counts. The final stage of the whole investigation is a report that made the appropriate findings and conclusions.

Not only the construction requires careful study of the soil. Also it is required by many industrial facilities which are installed for the first time. This is the car dumper. This complex and powerful design is designed to work in open areas. Mainly used in elevators, food bases and other facilities for agricultural purposes. From proper installation depends on the reliability and safety of vehicles and drivers who call on him, to unload. Therefore, such objects can not do without the prior geological works.

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