Geology of Poltava, Mirgorod, Kremenchug

the Company Guild Engineering is engaged in geological investigations for the construction, reconstruction, region Poltava and region, as well as Poltava and Mirgorod. The complex includes the drilling of up to 10 meters, laboratory, preparation of the report for the calculation of design and Foundation

Geology of Poltava, Mirgorod, Kremenchug

engineering Geology plays a very important role in the construction of the property, regardless of its purpose and size. To the building or the building you intend to erect, was reliable and durable, you need to calculate the type of Foundation and depth of what it is best to lay. Correctly calculated these parameters will allow to avoid such unpleasant consequences, such as cracks in the Foundation and walls, the deformation of load-bearing structures, misalignment of door and window openings, the liquidation of which will take much more time and money than with time spent professional geodetic surveys. Therefore it is very important to entrust the implementation of these works qualified and experienced professionals.

Geological survey give you the opportunity to get maximum information about the soil in which the planned construction process. During the implementation of this work package examined the geological structure of the soil, properties of rocks and prediction of possible changes in the future during the construction of the building, as well as during its operation.
It is very important to carry out engineering-geological surveys before the purchase of land for construction. Sometimes, buying a plot of land, the owner after conducting geological research finds that the territory is not suitable for the construction of buildings or structures, which he wanted to build.

the Implementation of geological engineering survey begins with the drilling of the required depth. In addition to wells, surveys involve the use of pits. Conducted static and dynamic sensing, hydro-geological study is carried out. Equally important are laboratory studies that collected samples of soil, with which it is possible to learn all their properties and characteristics that are very important. At the end we prepare a technical report in accordance with all regulatory requirements regarding documentation.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

Geology of Poltava

Our company Guild Engineering performed the geotechnical works on the land for construction of houses in the region of Poltava, Khorol city. A feature of this object is the close proximity to the river. The difference between adjacent wells is 9 meters, which indicates the complexity of geological processes taking place in the depths under our house. Geological surveys are very important for the designer. The designer uses actual topographical survey of the site. It features the construction site of the future building. The Foundation is calculated from the parameters of the soil, derived from laboratory studies.

while on the site, the specialist will carry out the inspection area, inspection of the nearby buildings. Boring is performed, topographic survey. We should also mention the sampling of undisturbed soil structure. According to research, we provide recommendations for the Foundation, the maximum number of storeys of the building, hydro-geological measures to control ground water and rainwater. Also the floor level marks.

Geology Mirgorod, KremenchugOn this site the drilling produced a compact rig, with a manual core sampler, the initial diameter of 125 mm. The input data processing data included in the report as the climatic conditions of the Poltava region, and data from previous geological surveys for adjoining properties. That gives an idea of the flow of processes in the earth's crust.

From a geological point of view Poltava region and major cities of Kremenchug, Poltava, Poltava, Khorol represent the specialists of the company Guild Engineering is of particular interest as each site is individual and not similar to the previous one.

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