Geology Ternivka, Pavlograd, Peter and Paul fortress

The company "Guild Engineering" carries out geological surveys for the construction and reconstruction in Pavlograd, Ternovka and Petropavlovka. The scope of works included services such as drilling wells to a depth of 10 meters, the study of soil in the laboratory, preparation of all necessary documentation in accordance with all requirements and standards.

Geology of Ternovka, Pavlograd, Peter and Paul fortress

Our company Guild Engineering deals engineering Geology in Pavlograd, Ternivka, Petropavlovka. One of the last objects on geological studies of the area was the site for the reconstruction of TP 6kV on mine "ternovska" city Ternovka Management Pavlogradugol. The customer was made by the company Datek. Mine is always high threat and risk, so there were very carefully studied all the data. Geological investigations in the territory of the mine is important in order to avoid landslides, flooding, and other adverse and life-threatening consequences. The site is located in the unloading yard in the area of undermining lava, these data were also taken into account when making the results of engineering-geological researches.

Geological research in Pavlograd regionis a guarantee that your building will be durable, reliable, who will not be afraid of any external factors. These external factors are geological and hydrological conditions that take place in the locality and the site hosting design. All geological work should be conducted within the legal field of Ukraine, as well as compliance with existing geological standards. We put in order all appropriate permits - licenses and certificates. Engineering-geological surveys should be carried out on any objects that you plan to build or remodel. Only then the building or structure will be safe and secure. Even more the importance of such studies for objects that differ in their degree of complexity and responsibility, especially in the area of part-time work the mines. Such objects often have industrial value. Therefore, such structures require special attention at the stage of preparation for construction or reconstruction. It was then that geological work are particularly relevant.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

Geology of Peter and Paul fortress

On the high difficulties and dangers have their own problems which are put before engineers-geologists in the course of the study. First of all, specialists take on the analysis of soil samples, all of the layers of soil and groundwater, which will be studied in the laboratory and summarized in documentary form. In addition, depending on the case, and the scale of the planned construction and the complexity of the plot can be field observation, which involves carrying out the required tests on the spot, without visits to the laboratory.

In addition to the report, geological survey suggest and other papers, even at a very early stage. This study of archival materials that are relevant to this site and its geological features. In our portfolio there are geological report for engineering-geological investigations in S. Petropavlovka, S. Bohuslav, , Ternovka, , Pavlograd, S. Nikolaevka, and the city of Pershotravensk. Mainly researches were made in private houses.

Geology of Ternovka

Also geological work in the industrial sectors imply the work of the engineer and in the process of erection of a structure. He oversees the technical state of the plant that is being constructed or reconstructed. He also performs control of the soil in this area and it changes depending on those or other works on the subject. The duties of the engineer-geologist is an estimation and forecasting of possible errors in the work of various objects, as well as the ability to prevent the impact of these errors on the performance of the object.

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