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the Composition of the soil, its strength and the level and behavior of groundwater is information that is required to start any work on the land, especially when it comes to construction. Looking into the bowels of the earth, professionals will be able to tell whether to start large-scale work or should I abandon this idea. And if so, in what amount it'll cost. After all, there are areas that all your qualities are conducive to large-scale and complex works, the construction. And there is such an area, the erection of buildings which is not possible and no action and preliminary work will not be able to rectify the situation. All these points will contribute to an understanding of the Geology of the site Kiev.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

the Geology of the site Kiev price

If you need the Geology of the site in Kiev, price of the work will depend on these factors – the area of land, the scale of the proposed buildings, land or constructed building. With this data, experts can draw up a list of work that they need to spend to obtain the fullest possible information about this site.

in Order to understand some of the characteristic features of the land, engineers-geologists with a wealth of experience enough to visually explore the grounds. After the first look at it they will be able to identify some characteristic features. For example, if the site is located on the slope, before you start building, you need to prepare the land – leveling some places. If this is not possible, then the project should be tailored to the high relief, to select the appropriate type of Foundation and strengthen it. But areas near water waiting for another disaster – possible flooding.

But even if your site is perfectly smooth and there are no ponds or lakes near there, then to order the Geology of the area Kiev still stands. Indeed, under suitable terrain may hide quite unfriendly aggressive soil and groundwater.

Kiev Geological survey are available at a number directions:

  • visual IP of composition and groundwater level,
  • following site and elevation;
  • ground surveys on various parameters – type, composition, endurance, strength, susceptibility to deformation and other characteristics;
  • the study of water objects –
  • as well as the chemical composition of drinking water.

All of these areas are investigated comprehensively during the geotechnical investigations. In order to understand relief features, we need to inspect the area visually or rely on the data of geodetic procedures, which are also conducted during the project preparation stage. But to study ground water and most of the peculiarities of the soil through the samples and their geological laboratory study of Kiev. Specimen collection is performed through the drilling of wells. After a few wells in the ground in different places of the study area, samples are taken from all soil layers, which are then examined in the laboratory. With these wells is taken and a water sample for analysis.

In the laboratory, the samples are investigated for all parameters that can be tested in this way. For this purpose, special devices, testers. And completeness of the final report can provide a mobile laboratory, with which the specialists of the company " Guild Engineering” conduct the necessary research right on the site. The final report will contain all the information obtained during the survey, presented in the form of tables and diagrams, as well as recommendations for carrying out the works with consideration of the geological specifics.

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