the Geology of the area value

Preparation of preliminary ground data within 24 hours after drilling according to client's request!

Before any significant construction project it is important to conduct the Geology of the site, the cost will be different, depending on the complexity of the construction, the complexity of engineering-geological conditions. To the geological factors include: the composition and depth of soils, physical and mechanical properties occurring in earth processes. Also great is the role of filtering under the ground groundwater. Recently added to all this man-made influence, they rapidly accelerate flowing in the depths of the dangerous processes. For example, if earlier a few decades ago where it was relatively calm and stable, in recent years, natural processes occur more and more often.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

So before you start building a house, cottage important the Geology of the site. Price is different depending on various factors. Price for small objects can be standard. The Geology of the site may allow to determine the characteristics of soil, water, flowing in earth processes. Based on this information, can correctly calculate the Foundation. Often the soils are very complex then the necessary pre-processing. All this allows to operate the facilities for a long time, without major problems.

>the value of the Geology of the site may be less if ordered multiple objects. When drilling or sampling of soil, which  disrupts the structure, if proveryaetsya less wells. Usually it saves on Geology. But because of this, soil and engineering geological processes are not investigated in detail, in detail. Breed in such cases changed in comparison with those that occur in the natural state. So it may be something not accounted for in the design.

When the Geology of the site, the cost can include geodetic, topographic survey. They need to create the topographic base, which is needed for the design. Also in the future, after the geological survey, after creating the project, the survey data required for construction works. Before drilling the surveyor or the surveyor conducts a land survey, elevation changes, located near the site buildings and structures, various communication. Then in laboratory conditions the analysis is conducted. Wells are planned for drilling. Without this mode, you can damage underground pipelines, cables, drilling, or transporting.

When is the Geology of the site, the price survey includes: drilling, laboratory, report writing. When the object is complex or when difficult geological conditions – the materials of exploration still must pass the state examination. Price may increase if the site is located far away, if there are no access roads. Then maybe you will need to pave a dirt road, to prepare the site for drilling.

the Cost of the Geology of the area can be reduced if near the land already conducted surveys. And the data from the report used during the study of this area. But Geology can vary from already explored areas. Therefore, rely only on archival materials on nearby objects is not necessary. Especially because over time almost everywhere, changing the groundwater regime. They rise and soils become moistened, lying at a slight depth. Their physico-mechanical properties change substantially. There are such phenomena as flooding, subsidence of soil, crumbling slopes. The soils become unstable. In such cases it is recommended to conduct periodic geological and hydrogeological monitoring in large areas - to know regularities of the course of engineering-geological processes in time.

geological study of the site will allow you to choose the right Foundation for your building. To study in detail occurring in the earth's geological processes. This will help avoid destruction of your building. For such research, you can use the services of our company LLC "Guild Engineering".

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