Geology in construction

Preparation of preliminary ground data within 24 hours after drilling according to client's request!

Engineering Geology in construction today are very popular. It is needed for the successful execution of the project and to control the progression of geological processes at the site. When creating the project building the employees of LLC "Guild Engineering" carried out full complex of geological works. The Geology of the site in construction is required due to the fact that most often are the major facilities that significantly affect the engineering-geological environment.

Geology in construction

Geology for construction begins with a detailed study of the terrain and data of the previous surveys. Such materials are available for all sites with buildings. On a plot of land determine the availability of various forms of relief, which can affect the object. Is determined by the angle of inclination, as this should be considered when creating the project. Find out the availability of water bodies and groundwater.

On the ground digging wells. Most often small in diameter – they are only for sampling of the breed. On the site make at least two wells, however, may be more. Experts solve this issue according to the assigned tasks and data reconnaissance. Wells are drilled to a certain depth in order to open up all interesting breeds. Drilling depth is calculated quite accurately, since the volume made drilling depends on the value of geological surveys. However, the depth of wells should capture the entire zone of influence from the object. Otherwise, the soils that were not studied, can be deformed. If it was not provided, then this option may lead to accidents.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

each of the well samples. Samples are withdrawn from each layer of rocks, a few pieces each. If the layer has a large capacity, the number of samples increases. with the Geology of the site in construction is not limited to field work. All samples are labeled and sent to the lab. They determine the physical and mechanical properties. From these data conclusions are drawn. Quite often before the start of construction on the ground need to conduct further investigations. This helps them to condense to the desired state – that they were a suitable basis for the engineering object. Geology for construction should be applied in any case when building a private home or a large industrial facility, works on a blank area or built up.

Engineering Geology in construction provides for a detailed study of underground waters, if they fall within the site. This enables the experts to draw conclusions and to make recommendations on type of foundations and their protection. Many soils have very specific characteristics and can very quickly change under specific conditions. A vivid example of such soil – loess. When soaking they drastically change the consistency and become fluid. Loess soils are quite common, so the Geology in the construction of a very carefully conducted on the territory where they were discovered.

Engineering Geology in construction allows you to define how new construction will affect the existing objects and the geological environment. Even with the creation of the pit balance is disturbed and can be a shift of rocks. Therefore, in urban geological work paid particularly close attention. On this depends the safety of the building and surrounding houses. Geology in construction carried out by our staff quickly and efficiently. So You can get a conclusion over the short period of time and to decide on further studies. We can also carry out a variety of topographical and geodetic surveying.

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