Geology Yagotin, Berezan, Zgurovka, Piryatin, Priluki

Geology of Yagotin, Berezan, Sharovka, Piryatin, PrylukyWe provide our services in cities such as Geology Yagotin, Berezan, Snihurivka, Piryatin and Priluki, as well as in every corner of these areas. In a full complex of engineering-geological surveys included the drilling of wells and pits, soil research in specialized laboratories. Upon completion of all work we provide our clients with the necessary technical report prepared in accordance with all regulations and requirements.

geological Engineering may be needed for different purposes: to obtain permission to design and construct, to reconstruct, to identify the causes of cracks of the walls in the building and so on.

Geological surveys carried out in several stages. The most basic is the stage at which the departure of geologists to the site for sampling soil. This stage is called the field. In the field work included a topographic survey and drilling of wells or pits. Also inspected all nearby buildings.

Cost of performing geological surveys from 5 900 UAH check out

Geology of Yagotin, BerezanWe did geological surveys for construction in Poltava region in Horol. The construction of the house was on the land, which is near the river. Between wells, located next door was a distance of 9 metres. This figure indicates the degree of complexity of geological processes that occur in the bowels of the land on which the building was erected.

Geological surveys have a huge value for the specialist, who is the project. During the design uses a topographic survey, which show the future development area. The soil sample, and further analysis in the respective laboratory allows to determine the type of Foundation and how deep it needs to be watered. The accuracy of these studies, in the course of such service, as Geology Piryatin depends on the reliability and durability of construction.

Many do not attach to the carrying out of such works much importance and to implement them contacted the company whose services are cheaper, it is absolutely not paying attention to the quality of work performed. But it depends on the durability of buildings or structures. It is therefore very important that these surveys were conducted only by experienced professionals. This will allow in the future to avoid such unpleasant situations, as cracks in the wall and the Foundation that in the end cost much more than conducting surveys at the beginning of the design process.

Geology of Yagotin, Berezan, Sharovka, Piryatin, PrylukyGeology Snihurivka requires not only the conduct of the field phase, which was described above, but also further stage of the examination of the soil on site. Naturally, accurate drilling in the right places is the key to the accuracy of the result. But it is equally important to properly handle and investigate these samples. And it can be done only if equipped laboratory with all necessary appliances and fixtures.

Laboratory stage includes processing the delivered soil samples, which are investigated with the help of special equipment. But the laboratory stage does not end there. In some cases, when the object is important or is problematic from a geodetic point of view of the terrain, it is necessary to resort to tests that are posted directly on the site. This is possible thanks to a mobile laboratory, which is equipped with everything necessary for analysis in the field.

When we had done all the work and tests done, it's time to handle them. Processed using professional settlement programs, the results are presented in an analytical report. It contains all geological data analysis, and recommendations for working with the soil.

Another important point: geotechnical studies needed to buy a building plot. So how can you determine that this area is not suitable for the erection of such building or structure that you expect.

Turning to the company " Guild Engineering", you will get efficiently and quickly carried out geological surveys. Geology Berezan, Snihurivka, Piryatin, and in other cities is carried out by our highly skilled professionals. You need Geology Pryluky? We will perform it at the highest level.

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